One more game

Seniors begin to end their high school sports careers


Aaron Grogg, Writer

Having one more game in high school can be heartbreaking for any athlete. Many student athletes are left with the reality that they will not longer play with their teams and that the end of their high school sports careers are nearing an end.

No senior athlete ever wants to leave their second family and with the reality of that severing, students can get hit with how much a sport really meant to them. “I’m sad that I had to leave my brothers and move onto a new team,” stated senior football player Chris Mann.

Additionally, when students play in the last game of their high school careers they always want to end their career with a win.  This year did not afford athletes and teams with the easiest seasons.  Games were often cancelled and sometimes seasons were cut short.  Seniors graduating in the wake of COVID-19 found that they had another opponent to contend with, but many still remained optimistic.

“I would like to end the season on a high note, as I like to do with everything in life. Always live on the high road,” stated senior Chris Bufanio from the golf team.

After playing a full four years of football, senior David Osman finished his sports career and reflected on the importance of the experience regardless of two years of changes due to the pandemic. “I believe it was a once-in-a-lifetime time experience,” stated Osman.

Most senior athletes are left with the feeling that the friendships they have made throughout the years of playing a sport become a bond like family. No one ever wants to lose their family nor leave them.

“One thing I will never forget is the friendships I made. Friends that will last a lifetime,” stated Bufanio.