Musical prevails through pandemic

The students at Saucon Valley have worked hard to ensure that the musical, "Little Women," will premiere in late April

March 23, 2021

Despite continued cases of COVID-19 in the Lehigh Valley, the musical Little Women is set to premiere on April 22 with numerous safety precautions to ensure that music will prevail against all odds.

After much controversy regarding COVID-19 safety policies and the musical, Brian Welsko, the new musical theater director, secured a place for Little Women after implementing many new safety policies regarding mask usage and distancing. The cast must wear masks at all times as well as try to limit contact with others, despite how it could affect the overall sound.

“The entire audition process was six feet apart and masked the entire time. It was a little difficult to perform with masks on because it muffled the sound and was inconveniently placed,” stated junior Avia Weber. Thus, the cast will have to work twice as hard to produce the same result.

Safety precautions are also prevalent in stage crew management, another key component of the musical. The stage crew is responsible for constructing the background, scenery, and any other props that they need.

When they are physically working, they clean and sanitize all the tools so that they are clean for the next use. As expected, they also make sure to always distance from one another and wear a mask at all times.

“We also use a sign in and out sheet to make contact tracing easier in the event someone does catch the virus,” said junior Sophia Vautrin. “So far, no one has gotten sick and everyone has been very cautious.” This “sign in and out sheet” is also present with sports, such as track and field and also lacrosse.

Although the actual presentation of the musical is questionable, it is still set to occur on the weekend of April 22. Another key component of the musical, the pit orchestra, has been removed because of the potential to spread the virus. Instead, the production will feature rehearsal backtracks in which the singers work hand in hand with recordings to produce their final result.

Despite this being a necessary precaution, many previous members of the pit orchestra have mixed feelings about it. “I’m pretty disappointed,” said senior Keith Kreshollek. “I always thought I would play in the pit for my senior year.”

While Kreschollek may be disappointed, many seniors involved in the musical express gratitude for the opportunity to experience some normalcy during these trying circumstances. The production of Little Women brings an entirely new dimension to the timeless saying, “When all else fails, music prevails.”

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    Ava AlbanoApr 5, 2021 at 10:14 am

    I really like this article!! I always wanted to know how the musical will premiere, and this article really clarified it up. So helpful!

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    I love this article!!! It’s so interesting and your voice is so exquisite! Amazing writing.