Spring sports at Saucon Valley

A new season arrives for Saucon Valley sports


Sophia DeSmet, Writer

Spring sports started practicing the week of March 7th, and games shortly after. As of now everything is full speed ahead, and there haven’t been any problems. 

“Under the current state masking order everyone would be required to wear a mask inside at all times and outside should they be in a situation where they would come within 6′ of someone else.  So currently as it stands, yes, masks would be required in most cases.  We are awaiting further guidance from the state in concerns to adjustments to the masking order,” stated Athletic Director Bob Frey. 

Frey also stated that it was a difficult decision regarding spectators and if they will be allowed at games.  Most outdoor games at least allow immediate family members to attend. 

Players also wondered what their seasons would look like with all the changes made to prior seasons. 

“If the spring season is anything like the fall season, I’m guessing it’ll have a lot of ups and downs with COVID-19 cases and closures. I’m hopeful that things will look better with the warmer weather and vaccines rolling out, but there will most likely be some issues along the way. We’ll just have to do our best to roll with the punches so we can make the most of the opportunities we’re given,” stated Maria Donahue, a senior and varsity lacrosse player. 

Many players are aware that with COVID-19, there will be a lot of difficult challenges. 

“I would say though the lacrosse season is going to look better than football, cases are dropping, there are vaccines. Odds are in our favor hopefully now. The biggest challenge will be adapting like usual, but we always do it as humans so nothing new,” stated Michael Cordes, a junior and varsity lacrosse player.