Carson “Wentz” which leaves Philly with a lot of “Hurts”

Carson Wentz heads to Indianapolis after tensions continue in Philly

Matthew Schaffstall , Sports Writer

Carson Wentz is shipped off to Indianapolis as Hurts takes the reins in Philly.  Tensions regarding the quarterback controversy in Philadelphia can finally be put to an end since the Philadelphia Eagles officially traded Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts.  

In the leading weeks up to trade, it seemed clear Wentz was going to be moved, and was only a matter of time for Howie Roseman, Philadelphia’s general manger, to find the right price.  After trading Wentz to Indianapolis, Philadelphia will receive the Colts 2021 third round pick and a conditional 2020 second round pick that could become a first pick if Wentz plays 75% of snaps in the 2021 season.

While opinions on this trade seem to be split, many Eagles fans in the Lehigh Valley feel okay with this trade. When asked about the trade senior Colin Johnson replied “Carson wasn’t performing well” and later described him as someone who cries a lot.

Another Saucon Valley student, senior Aaliyana Mateo, agrees with Johnson as she added, “Carson should be traded.”

Whether fans like the decision or not, it seems to be best decision as rumors came out about the bad relationships between Wentz and the Eagles.  Sources have claimed that Wentz was very unhappy with Howie Roseman. Additionally, it was rumored he didn’t talk to Doug Perderson for the final 8-10 weeks of the season.

Though some may not see Wentz as a leader, experts believe he will thrive with his new team as he reunites with his offensive coordinator Frank Reich from his 2017 MVP run.  With a better offensive line and a more solid team all around, many believe Wentz can turn Indianapolis into a contender.

With Wentz gone from the Eagles, it seems the main guy in Philadelphia will become Jalen Hurts, the Eagles 2020 second round pick out of Oklahoma.  Coming out of college, Hurts was electric but was a controversial pick for Philadelphia, as many believed Wentz would have a bounce back year.

Although young and raw, many of the players already recognize his leadership and winning personality.  Although there was a rough finish to the season, Hurts provided glimpses of what may come and showed a no-quit mentality no matter what the score.  When asked her thoughts on Hurts, Mateo stated, “I like what we have in him,” and added that she believes he can become the Eagles new franchise quarterback.

With the new season on its way and the draft right around the corner, some speculate the Eagles may pick another quarterback if they feel they have who they want at pick number six.  Most experts, however, project the Eagles giving their new quarterback some help by having them select one of the top receivers.

Much is still up in the air and the winner of the trade will soon be decided depending on what Carson Wentz and the Indianapolis Colts can do compared to Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Only time will tell what is in store for these two quarterbacks and their two teams.