Texas struggles against winter

Ways to help Texas after fallout of deadly winter storm



Sara Good, Writer

At the end of February, snow storms started to hit Texas and caused numerous issues for Texans. These issues included frozen pipes that left 4 million houses without power.

It seems as if the state was not prepared for the cold or the impending disaster, so when the first storms started, everyone blasted their heaters. This caused a great demand for electricity. Energy supporters couldn’t keep up with the demand.  Power plants turned on generators in hopes that they would help reach the demand, but the generators ended up overloading and causing a statewide blackout. In order to keep the state from a complete blackout, they started rolling blackouts. 

Rolling blackouts are temporary blackouts to help bring up the supply of power to balance with the demand. Rolling blackouts are the last resort for power, and this was a last resort for Texas. These blackouts were also directed to prevent damage to the electricity grid.

The rolling blackouts should have left people without power for a short amount of time, but instead, people were left for days. 

Typically states could help balance out the supply and demand of power by using power from other states’ power grids, but this wasn’t and isn’t the case for Texas. Texas is unique and is on its own power grid, and this is something the state’s politicians take a lot of pride in by claiming energy independence. But because they are not connected to other power grids, they can’t get power from other states to help with the high demand. 

Currently Texas is recovering.  Almost a few weeks into March and the state has seen warmer weather and the power grid has remained stable.  But there are those who will be recovering for months due to property damage sustained during the storms.

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