Golf world left in shock

Tiger Woods involved in serious car crash


Colin Zavacky, Sports Editor

On a warm and sunny morning in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California, Tiger Woods was leaving his hotel after hosting the Genesis Invitational Golf Tournament at Riviera Country Club.  Because of his involvement with the company, Tiger was able to drive the showcase car, a brand new 2021 Genesis GV80 which had just debuted in late 2020. 

He was driving from his hotel to Rolling Hills Country Club to film for Golf Digest, along with comedian David Spade, retired NBA great Dwayne Wade, and NFL star Drew Brees. Tuesday was his last day shooting for Golf Digest, then he would return home to Jupiter, Florida.

Woods was going ‘considerably fast,’ northbound on Hawthorne Boulevard in Southern California, which is notorious for crashes, when he made contact with a raised median and swerved into the southbound lanes and eventually hit the curb, a tree, and his car was catapulted some 30 yards from the road after rolling at least one time. The car ended up about 50 feet from someone’s house who then called 911 and the fire department and police got there fifteen minutes later. 

Officials from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stated that “Woods was not extracted by the ‘jaws of life,’ but with another special tool and axe.” This came after many news sources had stated the “jaws of life” had been used which typically means that the crash had been significantly bad. Once he was removed, he was transported to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center by ambulance and requested to “get in contact with” his team.

Tiger then underwent a multi-hour surgery on both of his legs but mainly his right. He had multiple open fractures affecting both the upper and lower portions of his right tibia and fibula which are the two main bones in the lower leg. 

The bones were stabilized by inserting a rod into the tibia. Furthermore, he suffered from a shattered right ankle which had to be fixed with pins and screws and will take quite some time to fully heal. During the surgery, he also had trauma to nearby muscle and soft tissue which required doctors to “surgically release” the muscle to reduce swelling and safeguard potential infection. Some unknown sources additionally told ESPN that he had an injury to the talus bone which connects the leg to the foot and is a huge mechanic in a golf swing. 

Despite all of the painful and gruesome injuries on top of his fifth back surgery he got in late December of 2020, Tiger is awake and slowly recovering from this awful accident. It is going to be a long and frustrating road to recovery, but it seems to some that Tiger is ‘invincible’.   Not only did he win the 2019 Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia after returning to golf following four back surgeries and some knee surgeries, he was also given the medal of freedom by President Donald Trump. This was his 15th major win and first in 11 years, leaving him just three short of tying Jack Nicklaus for the most majors all-time at 18. This also was his 81st PGA Tour win as he would then go on a few months later to win his 82nd at the Zozo Championship in Japan, tying Sam Snead for the most tour wins of all time at 82. 

The 2019 Masters win was one of the greatest wins of all time considering what he went through and how he got to the position he was in. But what made the moment so special was that after Tiger’s first Masters win, his father, Earl Woods, was there with him to embrace the moment, but after passing on in 2006 from cancer, he was unable to be there with Tiger. So after he made the final putt on the eighteenth green for his fifth green jacket, he rushed over to his son, Charlie, picked him up, and gave him a long hug. And for those who are true golf fans, this was enough to make a grown man cry while realizing the meaning and importance in that moment. After all of this, President Trump stated that Woods was a “global symbol of American excellence” as he inspires so many and is the idol of millions around the world.