NBA All-Star game creates mixed reactions from community

Many players agree with the decision to have an All-Star game this year

Zaid Abu-Ghosh, Writer

The NBA has taken extreme precautions to be able to have an NBA season this year due to the pandemic. There are many rules, such as no fans being allowed, players must wear masks while on the sidelines, and more. However, just recently, the association decided to proceed with an All-Star game for this year, causing mixed reactions from players, fans, and more. 

People believe that this is extremely dangerous, mixing many NBA players from different teams together, but others seem to believe that it is fine as long as they follow the correct rules.  Many disagreed with this approach.  It was very unexpected, most thought that the All-Star Game would get canceled, like the Pro Bowl did. 

As the NBA finalized arrangements to stage the All-Star Game in Atlanta on March 7th, many players spoke out against the vent. Lebron James, of the Lakers, made some comments about the situation. He, like many others, didn’t like the idea of an All-Star game happening during the pandemic. “I don’t even understand why we’re having an All-Star Game,” said James. He also said that he has “zero energy and zero excitement” for the game. 

This is a big statement coming from the most influential player in the league.  He was not the only  NBA player unhappy with the decision. Another notable player, De’Aaron Fox, made many comments expressing his feelings towards the decisions made by the association. 

Fox, of the Sacramento Kings, did not hesitate to express his feelings.  “If I’m going to be brutally honest, I think it’s stupid.”

That’s not all Fox had to say, he also added, “If we have to wear a mask and all this for a regular game, then what’s the point of bringing the All-Star Game back? But, obviously, money makes the world go ’round, so it is what it is.” 

Junior Adam Yurasits, who is a big NBA fan, shared his opinion on the subject.  “Its obviously not a good decision, but if the players follow the rules, wear the mask, try to socially distance as much as possible, I think they’ll be fine, but even then, why risk it?” 

The game did appear to go well. The controversy was mostly around the risk taken, but everyone seemed to follow the guidelines and rules. Even James had a lot of fun playing despite his initial reaction. Ultimately, it was a risky decision made by the NBA, there were many mixed reactions from the association and fans, but the players had fun and it went well in the end.