Girls’ basketball qualifies for district playoffs

The team makes its way to the District Playoffs


Elaina Sollivan, Writer

In the 2020-21 girls’ basketball season, the team has had many changes due to COVID-19. These changes have impacted their season significantly and even helped them make it to districts.

They played Moravian academy on Feb. 23, 2021 (30-28), followed by Northern Lehigh on February 25, 2021 (63-31). Saucon Valley girls’ basketball team also played Pen Argyl on March 3, 2021 for district playoffs, but lost with the final score of 55-35.

“It was a second game against Pen Argyl just with a fancier title,” said senior varsity player Ayanna Nuttall.

After a rough season, the girls made their way to district playoffs because of new COVID-19 guidelines. Due to their loss, their season ended and they will no longer be playing until next year. 

Some felt discouraged after their loss.  Sophomore Sara Good noted that she wanted to “listen to music and cry a little.”

While losing may be difficult for the team, many players walked away from the year still feeling like they had won due to improvements made throughout the season.  

“I focus on being around my favorite teammates and knowing that we improved from last year. There’s always the positive that we aren’t losing by 60-70 points anymore,” said Nuttall when she was asked how she dealt with losing games.

Despite losses, some players noted that they never felt a lack of motivation. Matter of fact, some used the losses as their motivation to work harder at the next game.

“Losing just makes me want to push harder next time to win,” said Good.

Nutall agreed with Good but said that her feelings regarding a loss can change depending on the game.

“It depends on who we lose to,” said Nuttall.

Although COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines changed this season and put some restrictions on the game, the team didn’t necessarily see those changes affect their game.

“It didn’t feel any different than a usual season, the games felt the same and district playoffs were possible because of the COVID guidelines,” said Nuttall.