SV swim team participates in virtual meet against Moravian Academy

SVHS Swim Team tests new competition method to mitigate spread of COVID-19 during winter sports season


Katie Lohr, Copy Editor

Saucon Valley High School’s swim team held a virtual swim meet against Moravian Academy on Jan. 23, 2021, opening a possible alternative to a safer option of sporting events amid the global pandemic. 

This was the first time a virtual meet has been held for the high school team. Scores were exchanged following the conclusion of the meet, with Saucon’s girl’s team losing 77 to 92 and the boy’s team losing 32 to 112. 

“I would not push for more virtual meets in the future,” stated senior and swim team co-captain Maria Donahue. “If our goal as a team is to get as many swimmers to the postseason as possible, virtual meets are not the answer.”

Other swimmers also showed their dislike for virtual meets. Kyla Lamburgo, a junior at Lehigh Valley Academy and team member of Saucon’s swim team, expressed her concerns about the deficits virtual meets would provide to swimmers. 

“To be completely honest, it was all over the place,” said Lamburgo. “I think overall the team was fairly unmotivated especially since everyone came in having an off day. With the guidelines for district championships being changed, everyone on the team needs as much opportunity to get a faster time and I feel as though it is more obtainable with in-person meets.” 

PIAA District Time Standards were altered this year in an attempt to reduce the number of swimmers attending District Championships. Saucon swimmers, most notably during the virtual meet, fell behind on their PR’s and expressed their concern about making the time standards for District Championships this season. 

 “I didn’t come close to any of my PR’s, which was really disheartening,” said Donahue. 

Senior Grace Albano provided a different perspective about the virtual meet. As a first year participant on the swim team, she liked the laid back atmosphere over the stress of a regular meet. 

 I would do it again because it was less stressful and went a lot quicker,” said Albano. “I think it was effective in mitigating the spread of COVID because other students from other schools weren’t traveling into our school so we didn’t risk anything being brought in.”