Impact of COVID-19 on students

Students deal with suffering mental health and missing out on basic high school activities


Rylea Townsend, Writer

Academically, in sports, and at home, the lives of people all around the country and world have been changed drastically. Restrictions put in place to prevent spread of the virus have changed the way humans interact, and entertain themselves.

Average high school students suffer with mental health issues, but these issues have been amplified since the breakout of COVID-19. With the inability to socialize as easily in schools and outside of school, some students struggle with feelings of loneliness and isolation.

“My mental health has definitely decreased, and I’ve had to skip several events due to the pandemic,” stated freshman Isabella Faroun.

The changes COVID-19 has brought to the school are apparent. Arrows in the hallways, distanced seating, and silent lunches mean much less socialization with classmates and friends. Teachers now have to teach school to in-person-students, as well as to students who chose to be online. This has changed the atmosphere in the school, but students have said they are still putting forth full effort towards their academics through this tough time.

“We have the opportunity to be in school, and participate in sports, so I still believe this year is important, and matters,” commented freshman Isabella Johnstone. “Although, during the quarantine last school year, due to the change in grade calculations, the pressure to do well in school definitely decreased.”

Several students who were interviewed agreed that although they are now motivated and focused on academics again, their motivation for school work dropped when the initial part of quarantine first hit back in March.

Although the pandemic has led to more negativity in students’ lives, there is a bright side to the new life caused by COVID-19 restrictions.

“Back when we were in quarantine, it gave me a much more optimistic view on my own life,” said freshman student Alison Kacerik. “I realized I was very lucky, because I wasn’t even nearly as affected as some other people by the threat of COVID-19. The quarantine also boosted my self confidence, because the quarantine gave me time to grow and reevaluate my personal style.”

Many people even believe the effects of the quarantine were surprisingly beneficial. The restrictions set, encouraging people to stay home as much as possible, lead to more family time and personal time for many students. Although they were unable to see friends, they still grew as people, eating healthier, going outside more, and finding new ways to be entertained that didn’t involve a lot of social interaction.