March = Upsets

Some of the biggest teams lose in this year’s tournament

Constantine Donahue, Sports Editor

March is known for upsets, hence the name “March Madness.” 64 teams around the country are in a tournament, four divisions, 16 teams in each. They’re all ranked 1-16, and fans would think that the best seeded teams would always win the championship, but that rarely happens. 

No. 2 Ohio State was one of those teams that got beat by a low ranked team. They were defeated by No. 15 Oral Roberts. The game came down to the wire, and in the last couple minutes, junior Duane Washington put up five shots. He shot all of the final shots for Ohio State, and even missed a wide-open game winner. This was a crazy finish that no one expected, as Washington has had a great year.

Junior Erik Smith, who is a huge Ohio State fan simply said “discipline” when asked about how they lost. They were playing a pretty badly ranked team, but Oral Roberts even made it to the Sweet 16, after upsetting No.7 Florida as well. They are tied for the lowest ranked team to make it to the Sweet 16.

No. 3 Texas was also amongst the highest-ranked teams that lost early on in the tournament. Many were shocked by this, as Texas was a favorite to make it deep in the tournament. Senior Jericho Sims and senior Matt Coleman III led this team throughout the year. This guard/foward duo were putting up big numbers for the Longhorns, and played very well up until their first-round game against No. 14 Abilene Christian. 

Texas also has depth in their team. They have five guys averaging over nine points per game, and have a total average of scoring 75+ points per game as a team. Many expected them to go far, but they didn’t play like they usually do and took the loss. 

Purdue was also a part of the first-round upsets. Purdue was ranked No. 4, and played No. 13 ranked North Texas. People know that March is known for upsets, and surprisingly 40% of bracket-fillers picked North Texas to win. 

Purdue has always had a pretty good team, and have had multiple players go to the NBA. 7’4” freshman Zach Edey had zero points against North Texas. He averaged over eight points per game and had even had a 21-point game two games prior. This was a big letdown for the team.

No. 4 Virginia also lost in the first round of the tournament. They went down to No. 13 Ohio, with the score being 62-58. Virginia didn’t play horrible, but they couldn’t knock down a three point shot, shooting 25% from three. They limited their turnovers, and were all-around playing well. 

They got out rebounded by nine, which is huge in basketball and decides a lot of games. Senior Sam Hauser is one of the best players for Virginia, averaging over 15 points per game. He didn’t play well and shot 1-8 from the three point line. He is the leader of the team and when he doesn’t do well, the team suffers.

This year has had a very exciting tournament, which is what all basketball fans needed after 2020. There have never been four teams that are 13 or worse seeds to make the round of 32, but it happened this year. It’s unfortunate for the better seeded teams, as they’ve worked hard all year to be a great seed. But March always seems to amaze people.