Suspension of in-person tours hinders junior’s search for college

COVID-19 restrictions cause colleges to shut down to visitors, making students’ search for college all the more difficult

Katie Lohr, Copy Editor

Searching for the perfect college is no easy task. Countless factors come into play, whether it’s cost, location, or value. For many students, the college campus is a vital aspect to consider when choosing a school. 

For current juniors, considering the campus has become next to impossible. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, most colleges have indefinitely suspended in-person tours. These regulations have caused major disadvantages for current high school juniors, as they aren’t able to truly experience a school when deciding if it’s the right fit for them.

“For me, the campus is a relatively important factor when the time comes to send out applications. This is because wherever I choose to go I will have to live for four years. I need to be able to feel comfortable in the environment, and if I’m not then there’s no point in me attending that college” said junior Micaela Jebitsch. 

Similarly, junior Nick Brogle said, “I think the campus is one of the top reasons to attend a college. For me, I want to like where I am going to potentially go for three to five years, so I would want to be able to find joy in the campus.”

Many colleges have provided virtual tours to compensate for the lack of in-person experiences. While virtual tours are better than not being able to see the campus at all, they don’t provide the same experience for students. 

“I have participated in one virtual college tour of RIT, but it wasn’t very helpful.  Although it was nice to see parts of the campus and some of the inside of buildings, I wasn’t able to get a feel for the campus as a whole and wasn’t able to connect the pieces of the campus together” said Jebitsch. 

Overall, the suspension of in-person tours has put a hindrance on high school junior’s search for the perfect college. Without being able to see the school in- person, student’s aren’t able to get a real feel for what the campus is like.

“This dampened my search for the perfect college because I’m only looking at their numbers, so they all look the same. I think it would be so much easier to differentiate between colleges if we were able to do in-person tours because you would be able to see what’s unique about it and whether it’s a right fit for you” stated Brogle.