MOXIE movie review

What about the movie MOXIE is so appealing?

April 13, 2021

Female empowerment is an important but often shamed topic, but the movie MOXIE shows how sexism can affect someone through a teen’s eyes. The movie is based off of the novel MOXIE written by Jennifer Mathieu, which is about a girl who realizes a problem about sexism, and creates an anonymous magazine named “MOXIE”. When people discover the magazine, they team up to fight for equality, still not knowing who the creator of “MOXIE” is.

 MOXIE was made into a movie that brought its message to a whole new audience, and people who have watched felt the movie pushed the intended message well. “The movie taught me to not stay quiet about the bad stuff happening to you and there’s always someone who’ll listen to your problems and be there for you” stated freshman Jelom Ohene. “Being able to convey this type of message through a movie is really cool.”

Many people seem to really enjoy this movie and feel more empowered after watching the film. “The movie MOXIE showed how much women can get done when they work together for an important cause,” stated Nataliana Noboa, a freshman. 

Overall, the movie MOXIE seems to be a hit among everyone. If you haven’t seen the movie you might want to check it out. Not only does it include romance, drama, and family, but it shows how change can be a great thing when needed. It also brings awareness to some topics and issues people might be too afraid to come forward about.

Even though one’s opinion on this topic might not change by the end of the movie, seeing how strong these teenagers believe in feminism is just enough to give you faith in humanity. This movie shines light on the fact that if these teens can realize a problem and do something about it, so can anyone else. So if you haven’t, pop onto Netflix and watch it!


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