Athletes look forward to the 2021 Olympics

Olympians train in order to excel in the games


Amelia Mackey, Writer

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics are coming up this summer, and it is something that many athletes have been training for their entire lives. 

The ceremonies will be starting on July 23 and ending on Aug. 8.  Because the 2020 Olympics were canceled, participants are eager to compete this year.

“Hopefully the Olympics will still be put on, even if it means we’re in a bubble. I’ll basically do anything at this moment,” stated gymnast Simone Biles while on NBC’s Today show, “…whatever they say they want us to do, I’m in 100 percent.”

While the competitors are excited to contend soon, they have taken advantage of this extra year in order to train even more and get better.

“We know we have another year to prepare and I’m going to try to use this year to improve and use it as an opportunity,” said swimmer Katie Ledecky on Today.

Olympians have been working harder than ever to do their best this year, and they are all hoping their hard work will pay off in the end. They train everyday, and have to prepare themselves for everything possible. 

“My goal is to better my surfing every day and to be the most prepared for any conditions that get thrown at me so that I can be my best on competition day,” stated surfer Caroline Marks to E! News.

Olympic athletes are very excited to finally be able to show off their skills in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and the world is eager to watch.