What lies ahead for our upcoming seniors?

Changes affect seniors next year due to easing up of COVID-19 restrictions


Johanna Zimmerli , Opinion Editor

Due to the effects of COVID-19, seniors of the 2020-2021 school year have had experiences unlike any other senior class. One notable privilege seniors received this year was only having to show up to school for three periods when they have required classes. This is a privilege many juniors this year were looking forward to and even put in their schedules for next year.  

The main reason why seniors this year had this privilege was to clear the school of students so they can maintain social distancing. The guidance counselors had originally informed juniors that this privilege would be continuing next year. However, with the CDC lifting restrictions, public places can now carry 75 percent of its capacity and desks may move back to being three feet apart. After hearing about this, juniors were told to change their schedules if they signed up for senior privilege because it may be different for the next school year. 

“Even though I had already signed up for a full schedule, I get why people are mad about this because it was one thing they were looking forward to all year,” stated junior Molly McMenamy  

Many juniors were extremely disappointed by the thought of not experiencing senior privilege the way the class of 2021 did. However the news of the CDC lifting restrictions and vaccines coming out to the public could give hope for a normal senior year, where traditional events, such as homecoming, prom, and graduation, could be held with larger groups of people. 

It is still unclear what senior year will be like for the class of 2022. As more and more people are getting vaccinated, COVID-19 guidelines are gradually becoming less strict. 

Even with erasure of these restrictions, it is still unknown for how long COVID-19 will affect the students or if there will be another spike in cases. Therefore, it is impossible to predict what senior events will happen next year and what won’t.