For the kids

MiniThon holds events to raise money


Halle Zrinski, Writer

Saucon Valley High School is raising money for MiniThon. MiniThon is a very important event to the students and teachers because they get to raise money for kids who have been diagnosed pediatric cancer in conjunction with Penn State’s Thon. MiniThon has been going on for a couple of months now.

MiniThon was different this year because of Covid-19 but students came up with ingenious ideas to keep the event going.

Kimberly Tassinaro was a part of the minute to win it games. “I was a last minute replacement on the pull up bar hang and the minute to win it,” stated teacher Kimberly Tassinaro.  Tassinaro also believes these games are goofy and funny and a great way to raise money for the kids.

Another activity Tassinaro is involved in is the swim race. “ I joked with Avia that it would be funny if I was in the swim race because I am not a particularly good swimmer and they pretty much volunteered me,” stated Tassinaro.

Mr. Kachmar and Mrs. Schultz also completed with Tassinaro and the district medal swim team.

“I think it’s important for people to remember that when it comes to charity events, you don’t have to be the best, you just have to be willing to try and to laugh at yourself a little,” stated Tassinaro.  “It has been a tough year since we couldn’t do a lot of the student based activities that we normally would,” stated Tassinaro.

“I believe this year’s MiniThon is different but different in a good way,” stated junior Katie Hlavinka.  “The activities that have been posted on the SV Athletics YouTube channel are so funny.  My favorite activity so far is the minute to win it activity. They are great and so funny.”

Flueso agrees that this year’s MiniThon was a clever idea. “Kudos to the students and advisors of MiniThon for thinking outside the box on this one,” stated Flueso.  “Our business department will be making a small re-enactment of the Titanic when fundraising reached $2,500.”

“In the midst of a really difficult year for everyone, I think it was an extremely creative means of garnering excitement and fighting FTK,” stated Flueso.


Take a look at the following links to view the events that have been held:

Saucon Valley YouTube channel:


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