Girl’s lacrosse team starts off season with a nail-biting win

Panthers come back and beat the Vikings by 1

Katie Marker, Writer

The girls’ lacrosse team is off to a strong start after their nail-biter win against Allentown Central Catholic. The Panthers started off slow while the Vikings took advantage and scored eight goals, making it 1-8 in the first half. However, the Panthers did not back down and started coming back one goal at a time. The game then went back and forth until finally, with one minute left of play, senior Maria Donahue scored the winning goal to make the Panthers win their first game 13-12.

Senior caption Donahue has had herself a tremendous start to the season and is the Panther’s leading scorer. She made sure to keep her team’s heads up as they had a slow start to their home opener.

“I think we had a lot of nerves going into the game. It was our first game in two years and we knew we were going up against a strong team,” stated Donahue.

Donahue also commented on things the team needs to work on and improve.      

“Our biggest takeaway would probably be how important transitions are. There were a lot of instances where we would work hard to get the ball back on defense, but we struggled getting the ball down the field because of girls not getting open or throwing the ball away,” added Donahue.

As a captain, Donahue noticed the team flaws and knows what needs to be done to get the team ready for future games. 

“We’ve mainly been focusing on the basics. It’s the simple things, like throwing and catching, that were really lacking, especially on transitions up and down the field, so we’ve been working hard on improving those things to avoid unnecessary turnovers,” commented Donahue.

Senior caption Megan Kane had a great game and important plays in their win. She explained what needs to be done in future games.

“Since the game, I think we’ve been improving on making sure we start strong, and working on the basics,” said Kane.

Kane also commented on her team’s effort and strength they showed during the game. 

“My biggest takeaway was that our team has a lot of heart. I was really proud of how we didn’t get down on ourselves when we were down by so much at one point. We never lost hope and we worked hard to come back and win,” stated Kane.

Coach Hellen Deegan is on her first season coaching the Panthers. She has a lot of knowledge of the game and is bringing positive energy to the team. She made sure to keep her teams heads up when the game started to look like Central could run away with it.

“I told my team we’re still in this game. You know you can play better than what you are doing now. Work together, play as a team, and shoot. You can’t score if you don’t shoot,” said Deegan.

Deegan was proud of her team and excited about her first win as a Panther. 

“I am happy with the way the team came together. They listened to my suggestions and performed the way they are capable. I was sooo proud of how they played hard and came back for the win. No one gave up!” stated Deegan.

The Panthers start their season 1-0 and are working hard to improve their game for their future opponents.