How to safely travel during COVID-19

How safe is it to travel this year?

April 21, 2021

As mask mandates ease up in certain areas and different restrictions are being lifted, it can feel like things are slightly shifting back to normal. Since this is the case, people should still be following the necessary restrictions with more people starting to get out around this time of year.

If you’re thinking about taking some sort of transportation to your destination, such as a train, plane, or bus, it’s required that you wear a mask. Before taking your choice of transportation be sure to notify your doctor of any sickness or illnesses you may be feeling. It’s best to take personal vehicles with your own party to protect yourself and others.

The CDC recommends travelers to avoid all cruise ship travel and river boat tours. It’s best to avoid these as the risk of infection is high and can be spread easily through the ship’s crew and the passengers. It’s suggested that travelers choose a lodge or an Airbnb where the option to move freely throughout the living space is given, as well as the opportunity to get outside and do something away from public areas.

If dining out is preferred while your trip is ongoing, be sure to keep your mask on in public settings. Restaurants should continue providing services following the guidelines. The CDC says you can do your part by avoiding crowded areas and poorly ventilated places. The best solution for this is to look for outside seating when dining.

It’s important to pack the necessary supplies and sanitizers. Sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are recommended to have at least 60% alcohol. It’s suggested that more than one mask is brought and put into a sealed plastic bag if dirty. You should also stay away from regularly touched surfaces and wash your hands directly after taking some sort of public transportation.

This year, if the right measures are taken to prevent infection, you and your party should be able enjoy a non-stressful vacation. Although others will be willing to travel far this summer or at least somewhere they’ve never been, the best solution to the anxiety of infection is to hold off until more places and attractions are open to the public. It’s very important to be mindful of others when returning from your trip, and you should socially distance yourself for at least three weeks if possible.

With the school year coming to an end and nicer weather beginning to form, there’s no doubt some are students at least a little eager to travel and may even have some trips planned. High school freshman Nathan Petrowski elaborated on his safe trip planned for this year, “I’ll be going to Oregon this summer, and I’ll be traveling with my family.”

“I’d keep my mask on in certain places but that shouldn’t be a problem, although I’m traveling by plane, so my only worry is of other people on there,” stated Petrowski. Although there is a clear risk of infection when traveling aboard airlines and other modes of transportation, it’s best to just follow the instructions and COVID-19 safety regulations on any given flight.

It’s likely that others may feel like their trip will be completely safe when the time comes, as the COVID-19 virus is slowing down vaccinations being given. With all this, it’s still best to be cautious and keep your mask on.

“My family and I plan on going to the beach a lot this year, I’m sure that by this summer when the pandemic has allowed us to travel more freely it’ll be even easier,” said freshman Justin Lesser. “I’m not apprehensive at all about our trip, I go to the beach very often most summers and I plan on keeping my mask on around people.”

At this point, it’s considered completely normal for hesitance on traveling this year with the numerous cases in the past and infection rate. The numbers can have people feeling a little anxious about getting out of the house as there are still a few people inside for the majority of their time.

Plane travel is a controversial topic among students. “I’m traveling by plane for most of my vacations. I’m not feeling too bad about this, I feel as if everyone wears their masks, keeps sanitized, and follows precautions, it should hopefully be okay,” stated freshman Sarah Deibert. “Although, there’s still a risk, I think traveling through a plane isn’t the best option at the moment.”

Sooner or later, the world will open up to the old familiar ways of travel, but people will hopefully do their best to work with the new safety guidelines. With all the time that’s passed from quarantine, a sunny vacation or getaway away with family or friends is probably what everyone needs. With these precautions many will be able to adapt and enjoy their trips with safe travels.

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