Finals are coming

One last week of testing stands between students and summer

Aaron Grogg, Writer

It’s near the end of the school year and grades are slowing down.  And that means not only is summer around the corner, so are finals.  Finals are 20% of a course’s grade and often harrow students, but some seniors may see themselves exempt if they can benefit from senior privilege.

If seniors are able to obtain a 93% or higher in a course before finals, they will be exempt from the assessment.  Many seniors love this privilege while some don’t because it means they must actively work throughout the semester to achieve the coveted 93% grade.

“I enjoy the senior privilege it takes a lot of stress off of my shoulders when the semesters are coming to an end,“ stated senior Ally Frace.

Finals are so important and stress inducing because they can either make a grade a lot better or they tank a grade. Students often find themselves conducting long study sessions that review core course content.  These session can last hours and cause many students to feel uncomfortable by the end of a semester.

And that time of stress or possible relaxation has finally arrived at Saucon.  Many students have probably started preparing for exams.

While seniors may benefit from their senior-privilege, many underclassman may take about five finals at the end of every semester and so studying can get pretty frustrating and rough on the students.

“Some classes should have finals but not all of them, not all classes are necessary to have finals,” stated junior Eternal Aris.

Although finals may be a tough end to the year it is satisfying to know that they are all that is in the way of school and the summer.

“Taking finals is just another way of accepting a challenge and choosing to keep moving forward,” stated senior Sam Hoffert.