Virtual learning may be here to stay

Learning options depend on the state of the pandemic

As the school year is coming to an end, students are wondering if in person remote learning will be an option next school year.

At this time I’m unsure of what the COVID-19 plan is for the next school year. Although in my opinion, I think students will still have the option of remote learning. With COVID-19 cases still rising and most students not being able to get the vaccine, it is unlikely that remote won’t be an option. While in person learning can have many benefits it could also have its negatives when it comes to the pandemic.

The main benefits of in person learning are no distractions, being able to seek ideas from other students, and find a better understanding of the material. According to junior, Halle Zrinski, “I feel like you learn better because the teacher is right in front of you to explain things better than online.” 

The main question for in person learning is if it’s safe. The high school maintains COVID-19 rules and most teachers are vaccinated creating an overall safe environment.. Though there is always a risk that you may be able to catch the virus which is why students most likely will have the choice of remote learning.

Another reason why in person learning may not be required is because some students may not only feel more safe at home but also because they may like that style of learning. For example, junior Nadia Villegas stated “I enjoy online learning because I usually go by my own routine which is nice.”

With the pandemic still occurring it almost seems like a no brainer that remote learning will still be an option. According to The New York Times database,  as of Sunday April 18 coronavirus cases have increased by 16%. This also just proves that we are nowhere near going back to normal therefore it almost seems impossible that school would go back to normal in such a short period of time. 

Zrinski thinks only time will tell regarding the requirement for in-person learning, “It all depends if COVID-19 is still going on during the fall because student may not be willing to return depending on the number of cases.”