Julien Edelman retires, should he be a Hall of Famer?

The former New England Patriot created a lot of talk about whether he should be in the Hall of Fame or not



Zaid Abu-Ghosh, Writer

The former Patriot of twelve years Julien Edelman has recently retired. He was a great player for the team, and is considered one of the Patriot’s best receivers, teaming up with Tom Brady for twelve years. Over his career, he accumulated over 6800 receiving yards, 36 touchdowns, and was also a three time Super Bowl champion and was named Super Bowl MVP for the final one. There is a lot of talk about his retirement, but the main point everyone is talking about is whether he should enter theHall of Fame after his retirement. 

It’s not easy for players to enter the Hall of Fame. Most players go their whole careers with many accomplishments and aren’t able to enter. But Julien Edelman has so many memorable moments along with good stats, all which make him eligible. In Super Bowl 51, he had the incredible diving catch against the Atlanta Falcons that kept the Patriots drive alive, he also caught two touchdowns in Super Bowl 49, one of which being the game winning catch, not to mention his perfect NFL passing record. Overall, he is a very valuable player, but should that get him a spot in the Hall of Fame? Many sports analysts have opinions about this situation.

Skip Bayless, a sports analyst on his own show stated that, “he will never be in the Hall of Fame, but there is a case to be made here I believe, that he belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame.” He continued, “he has one of the best postseason statistics for a wide receiver, but zero pro bowls really hurts his legacy.”

This shows that Skip Bayless clearly thinks Julien Edelman was a great NFL player, but he doesn’t believe he has a chance of entering the Hall of Fame due to multiple factors, the biggest being that Edelman has been selected in zero Pro Bowls. But Bayless believes that there is a case to be made, after all, he is one of the most successful players of the postseason.

But other sports analysts have opinions too. Nick Wright, another very well known NFL analyst on television, had an opinion on this situation. He claimed on his own show that, “He is seven steps away from being considered to be at the doorstep of the Hall of Fame.” He didn’t stop there, he continued to say, “Julien Edelman is not even close to being an NFL Hall of Famer.”

Wright obviously feels very strongly that Julien Edelman should not be included in the Hall of Fame, in fact, he says that he is seven steps away from being even close. This is very surprising. It seems like the overall consensus from the NFL world is that Julien Edelman doesn’t deserve to be considered in the NFL Hall of Fame. Additionally, there are many fans that came out and had opinions. 

Junior Joey DiRusso expressed his opinions about the situation. “He’s stepped up in some of the biggest games ever, he helped Tom Brady through most of the Super Bowls.” He continued to also say that, “personally, I think he deserves it, but I don’t think it will happen, it’s just unfortunate.” 

There were many different opinions about whether he should be included in the Hall of Fame or not, but in the end, we can only wait and see. After all, like Skip Bayless said, “ he has some of the best post season stats for a wide receiver.”