Graduation is coming up

This year’s unique graduation ceremony is right around the corner for Saucon Valley seniors

Aaron Grogg, Writer

With graduation right around the corner, seniors are spending their last few weeks taking in the end of the year. Graduation will take place at the beginning of June and each student will have four tickets for guests to come and watch. Due to COVID-19, it will take place at the football stadium on campus.

With that being said, a lot will come into consideration that day and weather will have a major impact on the functionality of graduation. Also, with the limited amount of guests, many seniors won’t be able to have their whole family there. “One thing I hope for in this year’s graduation is that we don’t have to limit our guests to just our parents,” stated senior Morgan Yurasits.

Due to each senior only getting four guest tickets, some family members may feel left out if they haven’t secured a place in their graduation. Additionally, any senior that doesn’t use all of their tickets cannot give them to another senior due to the pod system that is going to take place.

There will also be a jumbotron as seen in last year’s graduation. This will be present at this year’s graduation to help view the students walking up to get their diploma and make it easier to see at home on the live stream.

Last year’s graduation was a big success even with COVID-19 being new. “I attended last year’s drive-up graduation and I thought it was very successful. So, I believe Saucon will be able to do the same this time around,” stated senior Molly Youells.

While many students and parents are anticipating drive-through graduation again this year, they will be shocked to find out they will be able to attend and sit with their kids on one of the most memorable days of their lives.

Some students are already aware of this change in graduation plans and are okay with the outcome of them. “Hearing that graduation will be on the football field is fine with me because we’ve asked for it in past years,” stated senior Colin Johnson.

Many students are happy about any sort of graduation because of the rough times experienced over the past two years. This is one of the safest ways to do graduation and it will keep a lot of disturbances away with all of the safety guidelines that will be followed to make this happen successfully for the seniors of 2021.

“This will be a day to remember forever with going through the senior year and COVID-19 causing so many restrictions and still having a proper graduation,” stated senior Ally Frace.