Hellertown’s newest addition

“The Vibe Nutrition” grows widely popular for its nutritious benefit

Sara Good, Writer

“The Vibe Nutrition” is the newest addition to main street Hellertown. It has been booming in popularity. This shop consists of all types of drinks ranging from teas that boost metabolism and protein shakes. 

The abundant popularity of the shop has raised the question as to why? When scrolling through Instagram and tapping through stories, “The Vibe” is everywhere. 

Sophomore Lily McCarty spoke on the shop’s booming popularity “It’s a new place in Hellertown that’s serving something different than what we are used to!” While senior Morgan Mixa added, “It’s new and healthy!”

“The Vibe” is something new that we haven’t seen in Hellertown before, which is what is bringing in the customers. 

In addition to this, it seems to bring customers back due to the friendly staff. “The energy inside of the store and from the employees is contagious and it makes you want to come back again,” stated sophomore Kaily Brennan, which is perfect for a new shop on the rise. 

Not only are the employees friendly but the shop is very connected to the community through their Instagram. They constantly post their customers on their page and promote new drinks. They also made it so if you post them in your Instagram story they will repost it onto theirs.

“I have been posted on their Instagram story around 5-10 times and they posted a picture on their page of my entire softball team when we went before our game,” added Brennan.

Along with all the positives surrounding “The Vibe,” the only negative that came up was the higher prices. “I personally don’t go there multiple days a week anymore because of the prices. They are good drinks and I understand why the prices are higher but it just burns a hole in your pocket after going so often,” mentioned Brennan.

The prices aren’t that high though and are reasonable so obviously, this isn’t a big deal-breaker for customers. 

All in all, “The Vibe” is a great new addition to the Hellertown community. With its rising popularity, you should not be surprised when you hear more and more about it.