Which social media trends are here to stay?

Social media trends have impacted our lives in positive and negative ways



From short funny video clips to genius ideas in fashion, art, and technology, social media has had a massive influence on the way we live. Ever since the general public was able to obtain Internet access, social media sites have been booming, because that is where people can share content with anyone, whether it be hilarious, informational, or emotional.

Some of the most influential social media sites include Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. These sites allow people to either post videos, write short messages, share a photo with anyone. As a result, many jokes, challenge videos, prank videos, and DIYs became popularized.

Over the past two years, one social media app has become the source for some of the most viral trends: TikTok. TikTok was once known as Musical.ly where people would share short 15 second videos that included dancing, lip syncing, or comedy. One of the reasons this app was so successful is because of its similarity to a popular discontinued app called Vine, where people could share funny six second videos.

“I don’t think TikTok is going anywhere anytime soon because many people have started to build their career off of the app,” stated junior Sundus Qureshi. Many creators have gained an enormous platform thanks to TikTok. For example, the singer Doja Cat had many of her songs go viral because of the app.

Trends on TikTok mostly consist of dances, such as the Renegade. Many of these trends seem to die down after about a few weeks. 

I personally believe that no single social media trend will stay for good, because eventually people will get bored and want to see something new. However, it could be possible that over time, a trend may come back with a new and interesting spin on it.