Arts throughout the summer

How to stay involved in the arts even during the summertime

May 27, 2021

Summers should be a relaxing time. Since many people work, how does one relieve stress? The simple answer is art. In a study done in 2016 by researchers from Drexel College, art helps relieve stress and improves mood. 

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During the school year, it is easier to stay involved in the arts through school programs but what about during the summer? It can be more difficult financially especially during these times of COVID-19. 

So what are a few ways to get involved in the arts in the Lehigh Valley this summer break? 

“Besides practicing and creating work on your own, there are many places in the Lehigh Valley you can take classes or workshops to stay active in the arts. Baum school of art, the Banana Factory, the Allentown art Museum, and Warner Art Glass are just a few places classes and summer programs can be found for most ages,” stated art teacher Jason Gordon.

Art on a budget? No problem! “There are plenty of fun and CREATIVE ways to stay involved in the arts over the summer. Found materials like cardboard, old birthday cards, or even rocks can be used to paint on or repurpose in creative ways. Art can be made out of any materials it just matters how creative a person can be with the materials they have. Young artists can even use nature, like Andy Goldsworthy an Environment Artist does, to create beautiful artworks,” suggested Gordon.

In the Lehigh Valley, there is a continuous project called ‘Lehigh Valley rocks’ where one paints a nice or uplifting quote or picture and hides it somewhere in the Lehigh Valley to bring joy to any passers of said rock.

Are there ways people can help out through art? Absolutely! Even if it’s just making someone’s day a little brighter. 

“Art helps younger kids experience and participate in art-making activities. It has a way of bringing people together so experiencing art with others can lead to so many creative paths and experiences,” added Gordon. A perfect examples of this is the Arts Walk being held right here in Hellertown- an exhibit that was made to brighten everyone’s day.  


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