Challenges of online teaching

As the school year comes to an end, teachers reflect on virtual instruction

Challenges of online teaching

Alexandrea Garcia, Design Editor, Writer

“Let me accept the online students before we begin class.” That sentence is a broken record that has continued throughout the whole school year. The sound effects from Zoom are nonstop.

Since the beginning, some students have been online, some in-person, and some have rotated between the two. As a teacher, it is sometimes hard to make online students engage in class, especially if they aren’t actually there. For classes like gym, and cooking, or even a class like chorus, in-person participation is sometimes crucial.

Gym and health teacher, Phil Sams reflected on the challenging year specifically when creating his usual lessons.

“Yes, it was challenging. Especially in the beginning of the year because of the uncertainty. As the year went on it became more clear what we could and could not do in physical education class. I felt it was difficult to keep online students engaged with the plans,” stated Sams.

This is actually the case for a variety of classes. It’s difficult to try to involve students that aren’t available in-person. Teachers realize that this is hard for students and they try their hardest to make things easier.

“I think that learning through the online forum is very challenging for students. They really need to have a lot of self-discipline and motivation to do well through this venue. I have seen some students be really successful in engaging with the class through Zoom, but unfortunately, many virtual learners do not interact very much with the class,” stated English teacher Jen Falcaro.

That’s the hard truth, nowadays it’s even more of a challenge to get students to learn. Whether they’re online or sitting at a desk in school, it is easy for a student to just completely give up.