After school club brings controversy in its wake

After school club brings controversy in its wake

Anthony Sipos, Writer

Recently, The Saucon Valley Board disapproved the request to hold meetings hosted by an organization called the After School Satan Club. The reversed decision has garnered mixed reactions from the community with questions circulating whether or not the club should be allowed to host meetings or should be barred.

Due to the original controversy, on February 21st, Saucon Valley School District received a threat regarding the club and the district’s decision to allow it to host meetings.  Junior Aaron Mawson commented that he thought the threat was, “Too far,” but at the same time he stated that he understands, “why certain people are upset. Not up to this level though.”

Some in the community  noted that those who attend public schools come from various backgrounds and beliefs. The goal in a public school setting is to get an education that can be used to provide future opportunities in career pathways.

Junior Liam Williams noted that, “The portrayal of it seemed to be a pretty normal club. It should’ve been named something different if it wanted to keep the same concepts.” He also stated that, “Personally, the outcome to me is fair because I feel you should not bring religion into school and make it a main part. It’s a public school.” 

The reactions towards the club have been rather mixed.  Parents, students, and community members shared varying opinions regarding the club’s religious affiliation, use of possible tax payer money within its use of the school’s facilities, along with its possible affect on both the community and its students.

In the latest news regarding the club, the ACLU questioned the district behind the decision to remove the club after it violated district guidelines. As of most recently, the club remains denied.