Spring pep rally recap

Rylea Townsend, Writer

On March 24, the student body enjoyed the spring pep rally. It started off with a great performance by the participants in the Super Saucon Senior Pageant, who raised over 1,900 dollars for Minithon at their pageant. They performed their opening number.

The games began shortly after. Students and teachers formed teams to scooter across the gym in the Scooter Race. This was followed by a “pie in the face” fundraiser by the Global Scholars club. A fan favorite was English teacher Mel Moyer’s pie-ing by junior Nick Gomboz. The crowd was eating it up, until chaos ensued. Dizzy bat began, and suddenly, teachers and students alike were dropping like flies. The game is likely now banned from Saucon Valley pep rallies.

The pep rally concluded with a game of knockout with the basketball team and a few faculty members, and was won by history teacher Scott Roberts. Overall, the pep rally was a success.  Student Government Association and Global Scholars both put in a tremendous effort to set up the event for the student body.