Online learning vs. in-person learning

How do the students feel about the choices of online or in-person learning?


Junior Grayce Raven works from home attending one of her Zoom classes.

Kassie Kelly, Writer

Since mid-March of this year, many students throughout the U.S have been attending school online. It’s now December and students have fully gotten into the swing of the new school year.  Many students are still attending classes virtually. But how do the students actually feel about online learning, and how does it affect them personally along with their grades?  

According to SVHS junior Grayce Raven, online school isn’t too bad.

When asked if she was skeptical of online school, she replied with “not really, honestly I wanted to do online ever since I found out we had the option to.”  Many students, not only at Saucon, can probably relate to that statement. Although, many students believe attending school from home also has disadvantages.

“Personally, I just really don’t want to have to go through my senior year over an iPad screen from my room. I’ve gone to Saucon since third grade, I didn’t go through all of that for my senior year to be online,” said Saucon Valley senior Keara Bradley, who chose to go to school with the guidelines and restrictions in place. Many other seniors personally agree with how Keara feels. They don’t want to lose any more of their senior year than they already have.

“I’ve been having an easy time with it. The only thing is some teachers move really fast on Zoom so sometimes it can get confusing,” Raven responded after she was asked how Zoom classes had been going. When asked if online has changed her way of learning, her response was simply that it hasn’t affected her much at all.

Bradley responded to the same question, but in regards to how in-person learning is going, “It’s going really well. The masks and guidelines don’t make it any harder for me to learn in the classrooms, and the senior privilege this year definitely helps with the workload and getting through my last year.”

Overall, it seems like both students haven’t had any hardships so far with the learning option they chose for this year. But this may not be the case for all students at Saucon Valley. Only time will tell.