Celebrating Ms. Kimenhour’s retirement

Students lined up outside to wave goodbye to one of their beloved guidance counselors


Kassie Kelly, Nicholas Brogle, Writer, Editor-in-Chief

After serving 43 years at Saucon Valley High School, Janice Kimenhour retired during the fall semester.  She officially stepped down on Friday, Oct. 30, 2020, after starting her career at Saucon in 1977.

Her retirement concludes her decades of service that was defined by her dedication to the students of Saucon Valley. “When she retired, I was truly awestruck at her grit and determination with the school,” stated teacher Phil Sams. “She was a paramount service to Saucon Valley that will be hard to replace.”

Former student, graduate Maddie Lohr, offered insight into Kimenhour’s work ethic and how she helped students gain an array of opportunities throughout their high school careers.

“Over the years, Mrs. Kimenhour always encouraged me to do my best academically. She helped me find some amazing opportunities, such as an independent study with a professor at Lehigh University,” stated Lohr. Lohr’s personal situation is just one of the many instances where Kimenhour helped students find a foothold for their future.

To commemorate Kimenhour’s retirement, students at Saucon Valley High School lined up outside on Oct. 28, to wave goodbye.  Mr. Frey took her on one last ride around campus.  Throughout the ride, Kimenhour’s face beamed with joy as she recalled the countless memories made here. She was met by everyone, including faculty, coming out to watch the procession.

“The ceremony was very interactive, with students holding banners and Pom-poms,” stated junior Matalin Smith. “The staff did an amazing job making a COVID-safe send-off.”

Additionally, while most teachers frown upon class interruptions, this was one exception that gave all teachers the chance to display their gratitude for all Kimenhour has done.

The Saucon Valley Athletics Twitter Account posted the following message: “Congratulations, Janice Kimenhour, on your well-deserved retirement after 43 years of service to Saucon Valley!”  It is safe to say that even though Kimenhour won’t be serving at Saucon anymore, she will always be a part of the Saucon Valley family.