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The class of 2021 shares their music preferences that give them a sense of normalcy during the pandemic

November 19, 2020

In these unprecedented times, many are affected emotionally and physically by the COVID-19 pandemic. One group, in particular, is the class of 2021. Many students have looked to new coping mechanisms to try and feel a sense of normalcy. One way that many seniors have gotten a sense of normalcy is through music. It has given them the ability to feel at ease by discovering new songs with funky beats or reminisce on old times by listening to a throwback playlist.  Let’s take a look at how students would answer several questions about their musical tastes:

Favorite Artists

Two of the most popular artists seniors are listening to right now are Kanye West and Tyler the Creator. Both of these artists are considered rap artists, but Tyler the Creator adds fun sounds, lyrics, and beats to his songs which give an alternative edge to his music. While Kanye has been popular for years, Tyler the Creator has just recently experienced wide-spread fame. You can listen to these artists on almost any music streaming service. 

Favorite Genre

When students were asked their favorite music genre the most popular answer was usually, “any genre.” With so many different kinds of music, it is no surprise that one specific genre could not be labeled as a favorite.  Many students noted that most of their playlists are pretty random. Playlists include everything from country to jazz. 

Music Source

Apple Music or Spotify? Apple Music and Spotify were mostly split right down the middle, maybe with one or two more people listening to Spotify rather than Apple Music. Every single answer for the second question was “in the car.” This makes total sense because we drive everywhere. In between driving to and from school, to practice, to pick up siblings, and anywhere else we need to go, we always put on a good playlist and just jam out. 

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