Are movie theaters a relic of the past?

Uncertain future for movie theaters lie ahead through fallout of the pandemic

An industry that has been circling the drain for a while may have finally seen the beginning of the end due the lockdowns of 2020. The movie and theater industries have been on the ropes for a long time, and with the restrictions of the pandemic, the movie industry will possibly adapt and move to streaming services. The movie industry moving to streaming will most likely end in-person theaters.

In early 2020, the lockdowns went out across the world and set back every major release by at least six months, thus giving movie theaters nothing to show. With nothing to show, theaters shut down and the few movies close to release were put on streaming services. All the restrictions did was speed up the inevitable by a few years. After all, it has been well known that streaming services could be the death of theaters.

AMC, the largest movie theater company in the world, stated to investors last year that it may run out of money soon. Should this scenario happen, it would leave a huge hole in an already sinking ship that will invariably change how we view movies. Hollywood may move completely to streaming and not even try to save theaters should AMC go under.

Some theaters are reopening but with new releases delayed they’re showing old movies in a desperate attempt to make some money. To many it just isn’t the same anymore post COVID-19. However, if the country were to lock down again it would completely seal the fate of theaters.

This crash I believe was inevitable, as over the past few decades movie theaters began to give up on smaller films and focus exclusively on the big blockbusters. Along with that, blockbusters are pretty rare and so outside of them theaters often don’t have much to show. But now with the coronavirus pushing back everything, the situation is exasperated. My belief is that when things go back to some sort of normalcy, most theaters won’t reopen and most new releases are going to end up on some form of streaming service.

I do however believe that theaters will survive in some form as a way to revisit a simpler time but will in no way be the giants it used to be. Theaters will become a small niche for a dying class of theater goers.