Songs that take you back

For young adults, these 10 songs hit all the right cords to jog memories of childhood music

March 16, 2021

People often see or hear things that take them back and give them a longing or affectionate feeling for the past. This nostalgia may surface from old TV shows, movies, or songs that serve as reminders from the past. Music, in general, can bring someone back to their childhood. But when it comes to nostalgia from old songs, what might be some that radiate a nostalgic feeling for young adults in modern society? Here are ten songs that might do the trick.

10. Teenage Dream

For young adults, hit songs made by singers like Katy Perry can bring nostalgia. While this is true for many artists, Katy Perry’s song Teenage Dream can remind people of simpler times. Hot summers, loud radios, and youth; the epitome of nostalgia, and when it comes to nostalgia, this song is perfect.

9. Firework

Summer, fireworks, and the Fourth of July: Katy Perry has a way of making you remember summer with only a few melodies, and if you ever feel like a plastic bag in the wind, make sure you give this one another listen. This song came out in 2010. Another song from Katy Perry that might also bring nostalgia is Hot n Cold from 2008. In summary, Katy Perry should be a go-to.

8. Only Girl (In the World)

This is one of the songs that everyone may know word-for-word. Some of Rihanna’s most popular songs have racked up over five hundred million views on Youtube. Just about all of them were hits just about a decade ago. These songs played constantly on the radio in the 2010s, but if you sing half of a lyric from Only Girl (In the World), just about anyone would be able to finish it.

7. Diamonds

If there’s one thing we remember from Rihanna, it would be the lyric “shine bright like a diamond.” Diamonds was made in 2012 and remains one of the most nostalgic songs from the 2010s. Its simple melody and repeating lyrics make this a perfect song to get stuck in your head.

6. We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Taylor Swift’s, We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together, remains one of her most popular songs. In addition to the catchy lyrics, this song’s melody is addicting. This song is perfect for reminiscing or even just a simple car ride. This song will bring a smile to your face and maybe a few good memories along with it. 

5.  Love Story 

Nothing like a love song to add some nostalgia to life. Love story is another Taylor Swift song, but what can I say? When it comes to nostalgia, she does it best. If you love Romeo and Juliet, or at least lyrics that refer to Romeo and Juliet, this is perfect. This song is all about youth and love, and simply put: it’s nostalgic.

4. Break Free

Another great musician that will take you back is the queen herself Ariana Grande. While she has a lot of hits today, Break Free will still take you back even though it was released only in 2014. Ariana Grande seems to have the power to take you back no matter what.

3. One Thing

Back when One Direction was together, they could sing simple melodies that made everyone sing along. Nowadays all we can do is reminisce. “One Thing” is perfect for that. If there’s one thing One Direction could do; it’s making a song that gives us that nostalgic feeling.

2. Problem

99 problems but this song isn’t one of them. Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea paired up to make this catchy tune. Although it was made in 2014, it has that nostalgia factor and the lyrics are so catchy it’s hard not to hear this song on repeat in your head when you thinking back to the 2010s.

1. What Makes You Beautiful

You’d be faking if you said you couldn’t recite every lyric of this song. There’s no denying it: this song is addictive. The band One Direction took the world by storm, some songs that remind people of when we were younger are “Live While We’re Young”, and of course; “What Makes You Beautiful.”

In the end, countless songs give you these nostalgic feelings, the ones named in this article were just some that may be a bit more familiar. There’s nothing wrong with going back to a song that used to be your favorite years ago and reminiscing!

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