Should gyms stay open in the pandemic?

Gyms may be essential to America’s physical health during the pandemic, so is closing them the right decision?

Gyms are one of the many luxuries that Americans have; they keep us healthy and fit, but lately due to COVID-19, more gyms are being shut down. This should not be the case.

Gyms keep Americans healthy, especially during the winter months. Without gyms, people will not be able to exercise and burn calories as easily. Besides, it has been proven that people who are physically fit and active are less likely to develop serious health problems due to COVID-19.

Gym equipment is very expensive and not a lot of people have the space to make a home gym even if they could afford it. People may be able to run outside to get exercise, however jogging outside can be hard on a person especially during these cold winter months.

People at gyms are very respectful. If you’ve ever been to a gym you should know that the facility provides cleaning supplies so that after a member uses a piece of equipment, they can wipe or spray it down to get rid of any potentially harmful germs that they may have left.

Most gyms take other precautions against COVID-19, such as scanning everyone’s temperature right when they walk in the door. This is something that large retail stores such as Walmart and Target don’t even do.

Also, people who go to the gym are invested in their workout, they aren’t there to socialize or make conversation like in a restaurant or a bar. In the gym, everyone is focused on what they’re doing, and because of this, people in the gym are already spaced out and following social distancing rules.

Gyms are also privately owned businesses, which are the fabric of America. The act of shutting down these smaller businesses is unconstitutional by every definition. Small businesses are great for the economy and if massive corporations are allowed to stay open, then gyms should be too.