Bringing color to the hallways

Murals painted in the school hallways lighten student’s moods

May 5, 2021

A group of four students, senior Emma Barrell, senior Trinity Ziegler, senior Emma Maykut, and junior Emma Garrett, have been working for weeks on the murals in the halls of Saucon Valley High School. This could lead to a positive outcome of more productivity and a happier environment. 

Studies have shown that a brighter, more positive environment in the schools can affect student’s productivity in the classrooms. Based on the data collected from students walking by, this seems to be true.

“Yes, the murals give a warmer experience! I love the colors, it adds to the life of the hallway,” stated junior Sophia Vautrin. 

Another bypasser junior Jagger Hershey added, “It feels nicer going through the hallway they are in and definitely improves my mood.”

Senior Kathleen Nuss also gave her thoughts about the current murals and the outcome the school may have from the arts, “I think it would be inspiring to other students and bring out creativity. I really think it will have a positive outcome.”

Junior Olivia Dedman seemed to agree, “I think that just in the past few days it’s made me feel happier and lighter. If this were to be in all the halls it would definitely positively affect my learning.”

This was also proven in a case study done in 2016 that discovered that, “Color… and bright lights can enhance learning and boost student achievement… In addition, students who get involved in the creation of their environment (through artwork, configuration, or participation in the physical dynamics of the classroom) experience a sense of empowerment and community that can help increase their overall motivation.” 

Overall, students are loving the newly painted halls of the high school and hope to see more of it in the future.

Link of the study:


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