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The furious five and Poe’s family so far have made an appearance in every one of the franchise movies up till the fourth. This picture features the dragon warrior, surrounded by his ensemble of side characters.

The movie that slayed the Dragon Warrior

Adam Clark April 26, 2024

For many kids born in the mid 2000s Kung Fu Panda has been a staple of childhood entertainment. Up until now the franchise has released four movies and three television series. All of which had been centered...

This is an artistic depiction of a hunter. Moreover it relates to the plot of the indie film “Hunted” being filmed by Chris Hoyt and Adam Clark.

Students testing out their film-making skills

Adam Clark April 26, 2024

Two percent, that is the number of actors that make a living in the film industry. The number of Indie films that are profitable is similarly low at ten percent. However these low numbers don’t dissuade...

A look into the new seasons graphics and operators ability, as well as the seasons new name: “Deadly Omen”.

A look at the new siege update and why some people are infuriated

Jack Schmehl, Writer April 26, 2024

Year 9 of Rainbow Six Siege has been released with a new operator, Deimos. He’s equipped with a rifle used on other operators and a new handgun that packs a punch.  On top of all the great additions,...

Top three best Radiohead albums

Elijah Jones, Writer April 26, 2024

Radiohead is undeniably one of the most influential bands with nine studio albums, and multiple world tours. With every album, each is uniquely different from other albums. The largest question of the...

Shohei Ohtani blasts a home run on his new team. Ohtani signed with the Dodgers during free agency.

New MLB The Show 24 review

Jack Schmehl, Writer April 4, 2024

MLB The Show 24 has officially been released; the early release came out on the 15th of March. The official release date for the game was March 19th. So far reviews have been good and everyone has been...

The 2024 Oscar’s are right around the corner. Nominations have just come out and everyone is getting ready for the upcoming Academy Awards. Source: Medium

Upcoming 2024 Oscars buzz

Clara Whitley, Writer April 3, 2024

The 96th Academy Awards are coming up this March 10, with stars from all over the world congregating at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Jimmy Kimmel was announced to host in a long Barbie themed promo...

District 10 Band

Stephen Vautrin, Writer January 9, 2024

How do we compare the talent of districts for different sports and the prestige of districts for music? PMEA Districts (Pennsylvania Music Education Association) is often overlooked by the general public,...

Jennifer López performing in 2012. She also performed a halftime show with Shakira in 2020.

What is the most popular Super Bowl halftime show?

Madeleine Kares and Adam Clark January 9, 2024

NFL halftime shows have been going on since 1967, which was also the first ever SuperBowl. In halftime history there have been multiple people who performed more than once, including Bruno Mars, Gloria...

What your favorite out of these three childhood TV shows says about you

Ava Riehl, Writer January 9, 2024

A debatable, yet very interesting topic is whether or not a beloved childhood show identifies aspects and details about you. The three shows chosen that I see have a wide demographic are Jessie, SpongeBob,...

The many faces and phases of Snow. The Hunger Games prequel that came out this past fall tells the origin story of the infamous villain in this dystopian world.

Cornelius Snow: Villain or anti-hero?

Ava Riehl and Emma Zellers January 9, 2024

Ava Riehl: Negative Emma Zellers: Affirmative Introduction: Affirmative: Snow is the perfect example of anti hero, he may not be perfect but he certainly offers a wider perspective on human flaw and...

Taylor Swift performing at the Eras Tour. This tour made a huge impact on many around the world.

The Era’s Tour

Emma Zellers, Writer November 28, 2023

Have you ever wondered why global pop phenomenon Taylor Swift is striking movie deals? Why are girls online showing off their Eras Tour outfits and making friendship bracelets? What is truly the impact...

Cozy fall or spooky Halloween?  As the whether turns cold, people find their favorite aspects of the autumn season.

Comfy or cozy? The years old battle for the feelings of fall

Bode Spencer, Writer November 28, 2023

When you think about Halloween, you picture two different scenes. Either a comfy, cozy, and chilly day with leaves falling as the sun shines before you celebrate Thanksgiving, or a dark and cloudy day...

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