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Shown above is a barbell. Barbells are commonly used in the gym for a variety of exercises that could fall within the categories of compound or static movements.

New gym plan can get you more for less

Adam Clark April 26, 2024

Getting in shape and developing a desirable physique is a goal of many people worldwide. Additionally, there is a plethora of information out there about how one might get in shape. However, the problem...

Juniors Sean Fitzpatrick and Adam Clark struggle to cope with constant iPad troubles. They are among the many students who struggle with technology.

Notability’s biggest blunder

Elijah Jones, Writer April 25, 2024

The school district finds itself struggling with a technical dilemma as student and faculty continue to face issues with the school-issued iPads and the app Notability. These issues are starting to cause...

Swimming is a more popular sport than activity in gym class. The amount of chlorine in the pool can be an issue for some students.

Swimming requirements in gym class

Austin Zolnierz, Writer April 3, 2024

Students are conflicted with the rules involving swimming for gym and making up absences. Even with students having an excused absence, a student will still have to make up the class. When there is...

Saucon Valley 2023-2024 High School Bell Schedule. How Are Students Adapting to it?

Students adapt to new routine

Aidan Villegas, Writer April 3, 2024

This year’s updated schedule has been one of the biggest changes aside from other policy changes. The bell schedule has certainly had an effect on the way students manage their time and class work. “At...

Prom is an eccentric event for many and heavily looked forward to for all that participate. Prom will be hosted on May 3rd.

Is it a bop or a flop hiding behind the mask of this year’s prom?

Adam Clark, Writer April 3, 2024

As the school year draws to an end, high school students eagerly turn their attention towards the upcoming event of prom. The excitement and anxiety as students try to pick out dresses or suits to wear,...

The Giants have had their ups and downs recently, but it cannot be disputed that they have had great players throughout the years.

New York Giants all time team

Peter Albano, Writer January 9, 2024

Introduction:  The New York Giants are home to some of the most iconic and memorable offensive skill players in history. Below are the best quarterback, running back, full back, tight end and wide receivers...

Who is the greatest athlete of all time?  Some say Adam Sandler...

Adam Sandler: The greatest athlete of all time

Adam Clark, Writer January 9, 2024

The Greatest athlete of all time has been long debated by sports players and fans. Friendships have been dismantled and enemies made just based off this sheer topic alone. However, the question doesn’t...

Hana and Nan sits on Main Street in Hellertown. Many of those who have eaten at the establishment say it is delicious.

Hana and Nana, The best breakfast on main

Adam Clark, Writer January 9, 2024

Hellertown is home to many great restaurants that serve all kinds of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or whatever you feel like eating at the given time. However a diamond in the rough that it seems...

Two U.S. Air Force jets fly over Yankee Stadium.

How Soto fits into the Yankees’ playbook, and how it might be the answer to bring them a ring

Boden Spencer, Writer December 21, 2023

For me, there couldn't have been a better place to be except the outfield of Navy Yard Park on a beautiful, 77 degree day in DC as the Nationals took on the Phillies. My favorite city with my family, watching...

The halls of Saucon are quiet as students sit in classes.  A wide-array of classes top the list of student favorites and often depend on the student themselves.

Fan favorites

Olivia Henszey, Writer December 4, 2023

Let's be honest. We all have that one class that we look forward to during the day. We all hope that our other classes will go fast so we can get to that one class. Well I was curious about what those...

Vape detectors go in the corner of the bathroom like the black box drawn on the wall or is on the ceiling where you see the white circle above. Many districts are opting to use detectors.

Vape detectors in high school bathrooms

Evan Wohlbach, Writer November 28, 2023

Vaping in school along with out of school has become such a major issue that some schools in the Lehigh Valley have installed vape detectors to try and prevent vaping in school.  Vape detectors have a...

The first American Girl Doll was released in the 1980s.  Since then, the company states that over 36 million dolls have been sold.

THE Girl of the Year

Sydney Eberling, Writer November 3, 2023

You push back the daunting doors to the American Girl Doll store, rather, palace. There she awaits, on her royal throne, American Girl’s highest ranking Girl of the Year. You keep your head down as you...

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