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Students sit in the cafeteria looking at their phones during lunch.  Many students use their phones during lunch since they are not allowed to use them throughout the school day during class.

Should students have phone or not?

Olivia Henszey, Writer November 28, 2023

As we all know, high schoolers love their phones. But could this become a problem when they are in school?  Cell phones enable students to connect and collaborate with their peers and teachers more efficiently....

The first American Girl Doll was released in the 1980s.  Since then, the company states that over 36 million dolls have been sold.

THE Girl of the Year

Sydney Eberling, Writer November 3, 2023

You push back the daunting doors to the American Girl Doll store, rather, palace. There she awaits, on her royal throne, American Girl’s highest ranking Girl of the Year. You keep your head down as you...

Superbad characters Evan and Seth at the end of the movie. Source: Flickr

Top 10 high school movies

Rylea Townsend, Writer May 12, 2023

There’s a specific genre of movies made to appeal to younger audiences: high school movies. They typically fulfill a general set of stereotypes and use them to create a semi relatable, often forgettable,...

Wrestling is a big deal in the valley and beyond.  Many students commit to the sport at a very young age in order to develop the skills that the sport requires.

The battle of the sports

Olivia Kuehner, Writer May 9, 2023

Many people have wondered: What is the hardest sport? As humans we like to believe that whatever we do must be the hardest. If you play lacrosse chances are you think it’s the hardest, if you play basketball...

There used to be study halls at the high school, but they were removed during the last schedule change.  Some students wish they had extra time during the school day to work on classwork and homework.

Bring back study halls

Anthony Sipos, Writer May 9, 2023

A study hall is a timeframe during the school day where students participate in studying for upcoming assignments and committing to other assignments such as classwork and homework. Overall, I feel study...

The 23’ seniors sitting for their class portrait. The senior class will say goodbye to Saucon on June 2 of 2023.

Saying goodbye to class of 2023

Ethan Wildrick, Writer May 9, 2023

As the 2022-2023 school year comes to a close, the class of 23’ seniors begin to look back on their time in SVHS. “Honestly, I’m having a lot of mixed feelings. I love the fact that I’m graduating,...

Prom will be held on Friday, May 5.  The court will be decided the night of Prom with live-paper ballots.

This year’s Prom royalty

Ava Kriner, Writer May 4, 2023

Prom. The talk of the school during the months of April and May. So much to do in preparation for the big night, May 5. Although Prom is an overall major deal throughout the junior and senior classes,...

The view from the bus loop, a common walking area for students.  Many students agree that a walk is refreshing throughout the school day.

The power of a walk

Rylea Townsend, Writer April 26, 2023

As spring arrives, everyone has one thing in common: wanting to be outside. A seven hour school day spent entirely indoors leaves students feeling trapped and antsy, and there’s one obvious solution.  Walks...

Meet Chat GPT.

A beginner’s guide to Chat-GPT

Rylea Townsend, Writer April 17, 2023

Chat GPT is an AI feature created by the group Open AI. It’s recently been under fire for enabling students to cheat on assignments by asking the AI to write their essays or complete their assignments....

Every wonder the amount of sleep a child consumes?

Every wonder the amount of sleep a child consumes?

Ashlie Yankowy, Writer March 30, 2023

When children and adolescents don't receive enough sleep, it results in high risk for many health and behavior problems. Studies from the American Academy of Sleep and Medicine recommend that children...

Saucon Valley High School. The debate of junior privilege will continue throughout the rising senior class.

Junior job credit from a future senior’s perspective

Ava Kriner, Writer March 30, 2023

Should juniors be receiving the same special schedule options as seniors? This question has sparked a discussion due to the new changes in scheduling that offer juniors some of the same privilege as...

Class rank is holding us back

Class rank is holding us back

Rylea Townsend, Writer March 29, 2023

From the first day of freshman year until graduation, every student at Saucon Valley is pitted against their classmates. Every fragment of a point on every test matters. It can be the difference between...

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