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Mr. Svit poses for a picture with a big smile. This year, he not only teaches physics, but pre calc as well.

A look at Mr. Svitilla and his robotics club

Evette Urban, Writer January 9, 2024

About five and a half years ago, the Robotics club was bestowed down onto the one and only, Robert Svitilla. Mr. Svit (as many students call him) is one of the physics and math teachers here at Saucon...

Saucon alma-mater pledge after Southern Lehigh loss. This is a tradition for after every home game.

High school football rivalry takes center stage: Saucon vs. Southern Lehigh 2023

Peter Albano, Writer December 11, 2023

Towns all around the country have high school football rivalries the become cherished traditions, and the game between Saucon Valley High School and Southern Lehigh High School is no different. These two...

Most work done in school is on the iPads. Some students like the iPads, while others wish they didnt always have the distraction of technology.

Techno or heck no!

Ava Riehl, Writer November 28, 2023

Within our school, some teachers utilize technology, some utilize paper, but the mass majority utilize both. The topic of iPad vs. paper is a very fluctuating and debatable as there is evidence to support...

This collage presents 5 commonly used phrases, or bits, such as “slay”, “yo mama”, “don’t talk to me”, “is it because I’m French?”, and “not my business”.

A bit of bits

Stephen Vautrin, Writer November 28, 2023

We’ve all been in uncomfortable conversations with seemingly no end, so how do you alleviate the awkwardness? Of course, through a bit! A bit is a verbal phrase or small physical act which is primarily...

The view at Blue Mountain.  Many students and staff ski and snowboard at Blue.

Winter at Blue Mountain

Bode Spencer, Writer November 27, 2023

“You ready?” I yelled over to my friend, who is getting his tracking app ready so we can see who goes faster as I just set up mine (spoiler alert: I topped out at 52 and he topped at 54. I lost this...

Some of the Saucon Valley seniors took a picture showcasing all of their beautiful dresses.  Students often take photos before homecoming to both celebrate and remember the evening.

Homecoming fashion: Then vs. Now

Brooke Bleam, Writer October 5, 2023

On October 7, the high school hosted their annual homecoming dance. At this dance, students will be showcasing themselves through many different colors, designs, and fabrics in the shape of homecoming...

Dive into the life of an individual with an eating disorder

Anthony Sipos, Writer April 4, 2023

A disorder is the disturbance of the mind or body that affects one’s normal function. This profile is on an individual who suffered from anorexia, which is a disorder characterized by abnormal weight...

Its personal: A rivalry for the ages

It’s personal: A rivalry for the ages

Ava Kriner, Writer April 3, 2023

The rivalry between Saucon Valley and Southern Lehigh has existed for longer than anybody can remember. No one knows how it started, no one knows when it started, but it has remained prominent for decades.  Historically,...

Weiss pictures with two fellow teammates, sophomore Jack Robertson and junior Constantine Donahue. The trio’s friendship exists even off of the court.

A look into the life of Braden Weiss

Kennedy Pacchioli, Writer April 3, 2023

‘It’s all after hours, that’s where I activate’ “I don't know what I’m saying, but I know what I’m talking about,” is a quote that junior Braden Weiss lives by. Weiss appears as...

Stress, stress, stress

Stress, stress, stress

Sydney Eberling, Writer April 3, 2023

Flooded with extracurriculars and classwork, the students at the high school are stressed.  “Every day when I go to school, I am overcome with an overwhelming sense of dread because of all of the assignments...

Preparing for prom: excitement builds as the big night draws closer

Preparing for prom: excitement builds as the big night draws closer

Ethan Wildrick, Writer March 30, 2023

Students have begun preparing for this year’s prom. Set for May 5 at the Centennial Ballroom in the Homewood Suites, the “Italian Countryside” prom has students excited for the memorable night.  For...

Welcome to your new favorite musical

Welcome to your new favorite musical

Rylea Townsend, Writer March 15, 2023

You’ve definitely heard about it all around school, and it’s finally here. The Saucon Valley High School theater program is in the final stages of preparing for this year’s school musical: Mary Poppins. This...

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