Unpacking a Saucon favorite


Olivia Kuehner, Writer

History teacher, Jeremy Kittek,  is a fan favorite amongst the student body. But how did he get here?

Kittek attended Liberty High School, where he played football and baseball. Two of Kittek’s fondest high school memories are when he beat Bethlehem Catholic his senior year homecoming game and when his team got runner-up in the state championship for baseball.

“I truly hung out with and was friends with everyone… I got along with the majority of people and their social circles,”said Kittek. It seems as though everyone has liked Kittek as long as he has been in high school, both as a student and a teacher.

I got along with most people. I can’t say there were many I [people] issues with,” he said.

Kittek then went to college and got into law school when he was asked to be a long term sub for a teacher. After that year he decided to stay in this profession and the rest is history.

“Over the course of my career I have been the funniest teacher, most energetic, best story teller and I have been best buddies with Marcozzi,” he commented.

According to freshman Kristen Lussier, Kittek has a nice teaching style “He talks at us but not at us, you know?”

Freshman Ellie Brown, said her favorite quality of his teaching was, “His personality.” Freshman Zayden Ashraf added, “I do like Mr. Kittek, he’s very loud.”

Many students noted that Kittek makes an effort to get to know his students and tries to treat them as if they’re equals.

“I do like Mr Kittek, he’s very loud.”

— Zayden Ashraf


Kittek is such a favorable teacher because he bases his teaching style off of his favorite teacher from high school. When he was asked if he would be his favorite teacher he responded with “I would because I model my teaching after my favorite teacher, Mr Corrigan from Liberty high school.”