Fightin’ Phills

Olivia Kuehner, Writer

Last season the Phillies were NL champions and they lost the World Series 2-4 to the Houston Astros. Everyone expected the Phillies to have the spring training season of their lives, but they are sixth in their standing with the Houston Astros being fourth. It’s easy to imagine that they are not feeling their best. 

Some fans think that it was a miracle that they got to the World Series. “While I would love to sit at another NLCS clinching game or another World Series game…no I would not. It is very hard to make it to a World Series in back to back years and the Phillies caught fire last year,” said science teacher Eric Focht when asked if he thought the Phillies would make an appearance in this year’s World Series. Only 14 teams have ever won the World Series back to back out of the 118 championship games. 

In game three of the World Series the Phillies got the lead in the World Series with five home runs. The Phillies chances were looking pretty good. Focht said “the Astro’s had a better roster with more pitching depth.” 

Regardless of statistics, some fans do believe that it’s possible for the Phillies to make another appearance in the World Series this fall.  “I do see the Phillies going to the World Series again because of key additions to the team such as Trea Turner,” said sophomore Carter Bidwell.

Even though the Phillies upgraded their roster, every other team is upgrading as well, and it’s hard to keep up. A notable replacement was Jean Segura for Trea Turner and fans don’t seem to be too upset. So far Turner has five runs scored and 19 at bats in the World Classic. He hit four home runs and 10 runs batted in.   

“I am very upset that the Phillies got rid of Jean Segura but I think it was the right move for the team,” expressed Bidwell.

The Phillies are missing some of their starting players due to the world classic like Kyle Schwarber, Jt Realmuto and Trea Turner. Regardless, they are still holding their own in the spring training season. 

The Phillies are seventh in line predicted to win the World Series with +1200 chances. If anyone can do it, it’s The fightin’ Phills.