A performance to remember

A performance to remember

Ava Kriner, Writer

“I couldn’t do it without every single person who makes theatre what it is,” said junior Ashley Rostkowski speaking to the past couple months preparation and execution of this year’s high school production, Mary Poppins

This year’s musical was an amazing production produced mainly by the student body. The members of the cast and stage crew put their all into this play to make it the best it possibly could be.

“Everyone dedicated so much of their time to this production. Especially the two weeks before the show, we were all at the school for an extra 5-6 hours rehearsing and perfecting things Monday through Sunday,” added Rostkowski who played The Bird Woman, Valentine, and a lead dancer.

There was the potential for exhaustion and drain coming from the amount of effort and time that was set aside for preparation. When asked if she ever felt tired or exhausted from the chaos of perfecting the production, Rostkowski remarked, “The time always went by so fast because we were all so engaged in something we were all so passionate about. But, it was a lot of hard work, which really showed in how amazing the production was.”

Rostkowski made a very valid point in stating how amazing the production was. It was inevitably going to be a sell out show with the excitement of the community leading up to opening night.

When discussing the play with Riley Craig, a junior who had numerous roles in the play such as statue person, chimney sweep, toy soldier, and along with Rostkowski, a lead dancer, she talked about how magical opening night was for the entire cast and crew.

“I think my favorite memory would be opening night. There is a lot of emotions going on; excitement, fear, and sadness that we’re close to being done with an amazing production,” said Craig.

When asked if Rostkowski and Craig were planning on continuing theatre for their final year of high school, both said they are absolutely continuing for their senior year. 

Craig stated, “I’ve been involved in theatre since I was 5, and I’ve been doing theatre at Saucon since our small elementary performances, and I continued throughout middle and high school. I’m excited and sad for my final year.”

The community will be eager to see what comes next for the next production. Mary Poppins may be difficult to top.