Boxing at Windcreek Casino and Event Center


Francis Oran Jr.’ and his “boxing brothers” pose for a photo after his victory.

Ethan Wildrick, Writer

King’s Promotions Boxing took place on March 10 at the Wind Creek Event Center and Casino. Local boxers, including professional boxer Francis Oran Jr. who fought at the event, hope that this brings more attention to the sport of boxing. 

“We are getting some attention in Pennsylvania again outside of Philly. We have a lot of small city boxers in the area that deserve attention. I hope this shows off the sport, people don’t focus on us anymore,” LVP4P boxer Angel Rodriguez said. For many of the fighters, boxing is more than just a sport. “It got me off the streets and the gym is like my home”

Oran Jr., who won his fight on March 10 and is still an undefeated boxer with a score of 3-0, trains at the Lehigh Valley Pound 4 Pound gym in Allentown. 

“Francis is my boy, he crushed it. He deserved the win, still an undefeated champ,” Rodriquez commented.

 “I only know Francis, but I liked seeing some new fights. He’s the king, man, he’s gonna keep winning,” LVP4P boxer Jay Lopez said. “Pennsylvania is the place to be for boxing. I got a huge family of boxing brothers, I don’t ever want to stop,” Lopez added. 

“It’s cool to not have to travel so far and have the competition come to us. Everyone seemed pretty fit and ready for the fights, they put on a good show,” LVP4P boxer Nelson Miller said.

“Definitely, people will see the advertisements or go to the show and think about trying it out. Creed III just came out too so there’s a lot of attention on boxing at the moment. I wouldn’t choose any other sport,” Miller said. 

Outside of this event, Creed III, the third movie in the Creed franchise and spin-off of the Rocky movies, was released on March 3, bringing some attention to boxing through the big screen.