Junior job credit from a future senior’s perspective

Ava Kriner, Writer

Should juniors be receiving the same special schedule options as seniors?

This question has sparked a discussion due to the new changes in scheduling that offer juniors some of the same privilege as seniors. Many rising seniors believe our thoughts aren’t being considered due to the numerous factors that have changed throughout our high school years.

Next year, front doors of the school will see both junior and seniors exiting and reentering throughout the school day.  The debate around the junior-job-credit will most likely continue amongst the rising senior class.

When asked what her thoughts were on the future junior-job-credit, Kennedy Pacchioli, current junior and class president, remarked, “If I’m being completely honest, I’m really not too fond of it.” Pacchioli expressed that she was not trying to make it sound personal.  As current juniors and future seniors, we have been waiting for senior privilege. As we see it given to another grade as well, we can’t help but feel frustrated with the disparities we’ve experienced in the latter part of our secondary education. 

The graduating class of 2024 has experienced many difficulties, mainly involving COVID-19. As a class, we didn’t get our eighth grade farewell, were stripped of many field trip opportunities, and overall lost countless memories that others in the district have gotten to experience. I believe this junior-job-credit topic is so sensitive to the class of 2024 because we’ve never had anything to ourselves. 

Pacchioli also referenced seventh grade when it was our big year to get the iPads after so many years of waiting. “Seventh grade it was the big year. You get your iPads in seventh grade. We hit seventh grade and the entire school gets iPads. Give it to the kindergartners why don’t you? That was supposed to be our year and that kind of stuff just happens a lot.”

Outside of what the current juniors have lost, some are also concerned about the logistics of it all.  There is the topic of licenses and transportation is a major factor in my mind. When rising senior, Constantine Donahue was asked what his thoughts were on the fact that a good number of the juniors cannot drive and it could be an inconvenience, he commented, “You know what, I never even thought of it like that.  This [has the potential] to cause so many problems.”

Overall, the opinions on this touchy subject range from some people loving the idea to some people hating the idea. Regardless of the numerous opinions and input I’ve received from my peers, I do believe this change will have its effects and continue to be a hot topic.  Especially among the current junior class who have always experienced a school where there has never been a special privilege given to a class below the seniors. We will just need to wait and see how it all unfolds.