Athlete Profile: Braeden Schriffert


Braden Schriffert goes to kick during a game. He practices kicking all year round to perfect his form for the season.

Olivia Kuehner, Writer

How long have you been playing your sports?

I have been playing sports all my life. I have played soccer for 14 years. I have been playing tennis and football for the past three years.

What made you start playing your sports? 

Both of my older brothers played sports (soccer, football, tennis, cross country, track & field) in high school. My dad played soccer in college and coached all three of us. I’ve always looked up to my older brothers and I wanted to follow in their footsteps but I want to take a step further.

Do you plan on continuing your sports after high school?

I plan on continuing my athletics while continuing my education. I believe that sports will always be a part of my life. Whether it’s on an official team or just for fun, I will continue doing what I love.

What position do you play?

Football-kicker; Tennis- second doubles with Louis Flowers; Soccer- defense.

Do you play any sports in the summer?

During the summer I continue to work on improving my skills. I play soccer, tennis, and practice kicking all year round.

What are your thoughts on the season so far/your most current season?

I am currently in the midst of the spring boys tennis season. Currently our record is 3-0 with the score of each game being 5-0. While being undefeated currently I believe we will continue to show our dominance because of the strength of our team. We have a reigning first singles district champion (Devin Pandey). We have a very young and talented team with only one senior on our varsity roster.

What game has been the highlight of your high school career?

The highlight of my high school athletic career was during the 2022 Homecoming game for football against Blue Mountain. During the close game, my coach sent me out for my first career attempt at a field goal. With the support of my team, my linemen, my snapper (Ty Pfizenmayer), and my holder (Travis Riefenstahl) I was able to make my first career field goal. At the end of the game, my field goal and my previous 3 extra points were the deciding factor that caused us to win.

What is your go-to pregame song?

Before a game I like to listen to upbeat music. My top three favorite songs before a game are “2019” by Bazanji; “Beast Unleashed” by Vin Jay; and “Unstoppable” by The Score.

Why did you pick your number?

I’ve have the number 16 since I first started playing soccer. I chose this number because both my brothers were number 16. Currently I west the number for both soccer and football.

Do you like weekday or weekend games?

I personally enjoy weekday games the most. I prefer weekday games to minimize scheduling complications. During the fall I play both soccer and football. I believe that you need to be able to commit to something if you want to be involved. Weekday games have enabled me to maximize the amount of games and practices I can attend for both soccer and football.