This year’s Prom royalty


Prom will be held on Friday, May 5. The court will be decided the night of Prom with live-paper ballots.

Ava Kriner, Writer

Prom. The talk of the school during the months of April and May. So much to do in preparation for the big night, May 5.

Although Prom is an overall major deal throughout the junior and senior classes, there is one factor stands out the most from the others: Prom Court.

So many students want to be on Prom Court and want to even be elected Prom Queen or King, but only a select few can have that opportunity. The fate of who falls within that select category lies within the junior and senior classes’ hands to pick who they think is the most deserving.

“I think Alison Cort, Kasey Royse, Hannah Robertson, Sophie Babashak, Liam Buck, Kyle Laub, Brandon Bucci, Alex Magnotta, and Matt Corcoran should all definitely be on prom court,” stated junior Sophia DeSmet when we were having a discussion about it.

Although many will get the opportunity to be on the court, only two will get crowned “prom royalty”. This concept spiked a conversation between my peers and me on predictions of who those two lucky people will be.

DeSmet believes that Queen and King should be Sophie Babashak and Kyle Laub. These two were both on Homecoming Court back in October and are a fan favorite for the collective student body. On the other hand, junior Isabella Faroun stated she thinks Queen and King should be Ava Dyer and Kieran Walsh, both students who were on Homecoming court as well.

Faroun also emphasized that she does believe Prom Court is a big deal. When taking a deeper look into it, getting that opportunity shows that the selected students are well rounded and likable to the student body, which are important characteristics to obtain.  When looking at last year’s Prom Queen and King, Ava Albano and Nick Brogle, it is easy to determine that they are well-rounded, kind, and caring people who most certainly deserved that title

With Prom less than two weeks away, we will soon discover who the two lucky seniors are this year.