TikTok ban plagues teens


TikTok came under fire recently and some lawmakers are calling for the app to be banned in the U.S. The app is used by more than 100 million Americans.

Threats of a ban on the widely-used social media platform TikTok have been a main topic of conversation recently. The ban came into consideration by the Justice Department after the U.S. government began questioning the privacy of users’ data on the app. The U.S government fears that the Chinese based company, ByteDance, is gathering data about its American users.  They believe this could potentially pose a security threat to the country.  

If the ban is passed, 150 million American TikTok users will be affected. When brought to the attention of some users, a multitude of emotions were shared.

“I spend like eight hours a day on TikTok, so I got to find something better to do with my life,” shared avid TikTok user junior Raymond Matey. Many other current users share that they will simply switch to other apps that serve the same general purpose as TikTok. “More YouTube videos watched. Some YouTube Shorts may come into play,” said Matey. 

This ban does not only affect the audience of TikTok, many of its creators will be suffering. Take internet celebrity Jeremy Fragrance into account. Fragrance is a perfume influencer who has a majority of his following on TikTok.

“Jeremy Fragrance is a German influencer who wears all white and wears nice collars and jackets. He drowns himself in cologne and he dances,” explained sophomore Andrew Gilbert. Many creators on the platform like Fragrance will most likely be seen moving to other platforms available in the U.S. “I think he’ll just move his influential purposes onto the platform of Instagram and maybe even YouTube,” continued Gilbert.

If this ban is passed, chaos may ensue.