Saucon alma-mater pledge after Southern Lehigh loss. This is a tradition for after every home game.
Saucon alma-mater pledge after Southern Lehigh loss. This is a tradition for after every home game.

High school football rivalry takes center stage: Saucon vs. Southern Lehigh 2023

Towns all around the country have high school football rivalries the become cherished traditions, and the game between Saucon Valley High School and Southern Lehigh High School is no different. These two schools have a long history of fierce rivalry on the football field and are only a few miles apart in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. Let’s take a look at this bitter rivalry in more detail and hear from three participants in a recent game between Saucon Valley and Southern Lehigh, which Saucon Valley lost.

The Rivalry: Saucon Valley vs. Southern Lehigh

The rivalry between Saucon Valley and Southern Lehigh’s football teams dates back decades. The annual showdown between these two teams is a highly anticipated event in the community, drawing fans, alumni, and students alike to witness the battle on the field.

The intensity of the rivalry is fueled not only by proximity but also by the competitiveness of the teams. Both schools have a rich football tradition, and their matchups are often closely contested. The games are not just about football; they are about pride, bragging rights, and a sense of community.

Game Day: Saucon Valley vs. Southern Lehigh

In a recent matchup, Saucon Valley faced Southern Lehigh in a game that had the community buzzing with excitement. Despite both teams giving their all on the field, Southern Lehigh emerged victorious.

These three interviews below come from the perspective of a coach, a player and a fan. All have a completely different mind towards the game.

Coach Anthony Brinkley (y1) after touchdown. (Photo by Christine T. Kreschollek)

Interview 1: Head Coach, Anthony Brinkley

Q: What do you think were the key factors that led to your team’s loss in the recent game against Southern Lehigh?

Coach Brinkley: It was a tough loss for us. I think Southern Lehigh executed their game plan very well. They capitalized on some of our mistakes, and that made the difference. But our boys fought hard, and I’m proud of their effort. We’ll learn from this and come back stronger.

Interview 2: Constantine Donahue,  Wide out/Running back

Constantine Donahue (sr) rushing for a 47 yard touchdown in game against Bangor. (Photo by Christine T. Kreschollek)

Q: You had a great performance in the game, rushing for over for a great margin of yards and an interception on defense. Can you share your thoughts on the game and your individual performance?

Constantine Donahue: Thank you. It was a hard-fought game, and I’m proud of my teammates for giving it their all. As for my performance, I did my best to help the team, but ultimately, it’s a team sport. We win as a team and lose as a team. We’ll use this loss as motivation moving forward.

Interview 3: Oliver Blachnio,  Student

Q: What’s it like being a Saucon student after a loss against Southern Lehigh in the annual rivalry game?*

Oliver: It’s a horrible feeling. The atmosphere at the game was electric, and seeing our team come out on the bottom was heartbreaking. The rivalry brings our school community together, and winning against Southern Lehigh is a special moment for all of us. We have a lot of respect for our rivals, but it’s always nice to get that win.

Saucon Valley students enjoy fridays homecoming football game. Picture of Oliver Blachnio (sr), Clara Whitley (sr) and Chris Frits (f). (Photo by Christine T. Kreschollek)

Rivalries between high school football teams like Saucon Valley and Southern Lehigh give the game a distinctive and thrilling aspect. Whatever the result, these matches are proof of the enthusiasm and comradery that football can engender in small communities. Fans are anxiously anticipating the next installment in these two institutions’ illustrious gridiron histories, so the rivalry between them is certain to continue.

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