Mural in the 300 hallway above a stretch of lockers in between classrooms. The artwork was done by Senior Zoe Jones and 2023 graduate Rachel Kazane.
Mural in the 300 hallway above a stretch of lockers in between classrooms. The artwork was done by Senior Zoe Jones and 2023 graduate Rachel Kazane.

Transforming the hallways through mural art

In the high school, there are murals painted all over the walls that students and faculty have all grown used to seeing. These murals are important pieces of art that bring life to the school, by representing the student body and the efforts taken in order to add personality and spirit to the halls.

Art teacher, Mr. Jason Gordon is in charge of the art program at the school and kick started the creation of the murals in the hallways in 2019. Since then, paintings have progressed and are beginning to cover the walls. The murals are student made, but still go through a vetting process. 

Mural in progress in the 300 hallway of popular movie posters. This mural is currently being painted by Senior Ayla Skubera, Senior Abigail McCormick, and Sophomore Seth Farkas.

“The students present their ideas to me, and then I approve them,” said Gordon. “My goal before I retire is to fill all the locker spaces, and then move onto other spaces. I never asked any administration if I could start the project, I just went for it. I asked for forgiveness, not permission. The principal was very pleasantly surprised and seemed to enjoy it. The principals since have rolled with it.” The murals add a lively and fun atmosphere, so it’s no surprise the principals have enjoyed them.

The murals are typically done by seniors in the painting two class, who are picked by Mr. Gordon. Senior Ayla Skubera is currently working on the mural shown in the photo above. 

“We were inspired by the album cover one, and based it off that. Abigail McCormick came up with the idea. We started this at the beginning of the year, and we predict it should be done by the end of the year”, said Skubera. 

She agrees that the murals add to the atmosphere of the school. “I think it makes the school look way more fun. When all the walls are done it’s gonna look super cool. My favorite is definitely the music one.” The album cover mural is in the 400 hallway, and was painted by class of 2023 graduates Teegan Lannon and Sonia Lloyd.

Another mural still in progress in the 100 hallway. The candy land theme is currently being painted by Senior Amya Rivera.

Senior Amya Rivera-Soto is also painting a mural in the hallways. This candy land theme was a collaboration between her and another student she’s working with. “This year, when Mr. Gordon told me I would be painting a mural, I immediately started thinking of ideas. The girl I’m painting with and I had completely different art styles so we decided to find a common interest and we decided on a “candy land” theme,” said Rivera-Soto. “I’ve wanted to paint a mural in the school since my freshman year. Sadly this is my senior year so I will not be working on any more murals but was just glad I got the opportunity to begin with. People love the murals, I love seeing people walk past and smile. I think the murals are a great conversation starter and just something pretty to look at.”

Overall, the murals not only are beautiful to look at, but they also help students bond together and feel a sense of community. They unite the school and make it a more colorful and creative place to be.

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