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  • May 7Graduation 6/4
  • May 7Underclassmen Finals 6/1-6/4
  • May 7No School Memorial Day Weekend 5/28 and 5/31
  • May 7Senior Finals 5/26-5/27
  • May 7Full Day 5/18
  • May 7Modified Schedule 5/17, 5/16-5/21, 5/24-5/25
  • May 1AP Exams 5/10-5/25
  • May 1Keystone Exams 5/18-5/25

Graduation is coming up

Aaron Grogg, Writer May 5, 2021

With graduation right around the corner, seniors are spending their last few weeks taking in the end of the year. Graduation will take place at the beginning of June and each student will have four tickets...

Finals are coming

Aaron Grogg, Writer April 23, 2021

It’s near the end of the school year and grades are slowing down.  And that means not only is summer around the corner, so are finals.  Finals are 20% of a course's grade and often harrow students,...

One more game

One more game

Aaron Grogg, Writer March 15, 2021

Having one more game in high school can be heartbreaking for any athlete. Many student athletes are left with the reality that they will not longer play with their teams and that the end of their high...

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