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  • May 1Keystone Exams 5/18-5/25
Songs that take you back

Songs that take you back

Dania Abu-Ghosh, Writer March 16, 2021

People often see or hear things that take them back and give them a longing or affectionate feeling for the past. This nostalgia may surface from old TV shows, movies, or songs that serve as reminders...

Norway’s nighttime sky lights

Guide through the country of light and laughter

Dania Abu-Ghosh, Writer March 11, 2021

With 194 countries in the whole world, how do you decide which one to visit? How do you decide on one when there are so many options, so many cultures, so much scenery, and so much to see? It is a...

A close look at Penn State University

A close look at Penn State University

Dania Abu-Ghosh, Writer March 2, 2021

With so many different universities, each one unique and special for a variety of things, it can be difficult to pick just one. Penn State University is a very well known and popular college in Pennsylvania....

From chic to comfortable: evolving styles of quarantine

From chic to comfortable: evolving styles of quarantine

Dania Abu-Ghosh and Johanna Zimmerli November 18, 2020

There is no denying that in some way, shape, or form we have changed over quarantine. And something that has definitely changed is fashion.  From chic to casual to comfortable or a little bit of all...

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